Lucid Epiphany

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Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018





Lucid Epiphany


I dreamt we were in the Garden of Eden

Where the snake was no demon

But its own peaceful, fearful equal

Vehemently no vegan either

As He lunged at my angel virtually fire-breathing,

Fangs drawn as my cleaver severed His head

The kill so instant as fear subsided

Yet our hearts bled

That this beautiful creature must die

As we wept and screamed up to the sky

"Dear Lord, why?"

To which there was no answer, no clue nor sign

The path now set for us to carve and create

Destiny drawn with every new line

In our hands the unquestionable fate


We were in a world where She would have given Her life before harming another

Yet I took it upon myself

To protect my significant other

However it was not in the face of darkness

Yet in the bright burning sunlight

It was then that She stressed

With a hardness and understanding for which She felt compelled

To convey with a knot in Her chest

That She thanked me and understood

The position I was in

For my actions were not only for betterment of mankind

But an undying love somewhat blind but never resigned

To protecting my own

With every organ, blood, flesh and bone

For I was only human

And now was a scene so horribly gruesome.


A body and bones we were left with

To bury and deliver a eulogy well-deserved

But the skies circled with all the hungry birds

The ravens, crows and vultures soared in to feast

Upon this magnificent laden beast

And in return the bluebirds, squirrels and sloths

Brought the lushest fruit from the highest treetops

So numb we held hands

We never gave in to any demands

We recognised this was no satanic temptation

But nature in its unrelenting, unforgiving, honest


Magical representation.

A higher order.

Not one of slaughter, chaos and disorder.

We were not to murder and torture..

....But live true to our being,

Our design never flawed as we'd once believed

A third eye no longer blind but all-seeing,

Understanding the writings of frauds.

As all of a sudden I delved into thought so deep

I not only realised

As I began to weep

And drift in and out of sleep

How all this time we had it all wrong

Here with a woman so perfect

So strong

And myself willing to fight for Her life

Wielding a knife

Despite taking an oath

To live without harming another

Gatherers we were but never an unnecessary hunter.


For we were together in a blissful paradise

The feeling was every part admissible

The ultimate slice of life.

An abundance we shared

With every creation

To which we expressed an unmatched appreciation

Until this one unholy fateful day that turned to night

A treacherous plight

To which we had only ourselves to blame yet forgive

More than anything I wanted Her to live

In a time well before any saint or nun

Our souls deeply connected,

We were together as one.


And as I relaxed my grasp so tense

The sweat from my palm dripped

And I had the sense

To think "where the Hell did this knife even come from?"





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