An Angel’s Heart In Exile

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Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique.

Jaclyn Smith

An Angel’s Heart In Exile

Heaven B.C

Pearly Gates Avenue

“Come and sit down dear and tell your mother what ails the heart of my beautiful Angel daughter.”

“Earth dilemma, mother.”

“Again, and if this is so, no more visits will be granted to earth.”

“I’m sorry, mother, but this is different than the rest; saving a lost soul was not my required mission.”

“That will always be an Angel’s mission.”

“Mother, if you could only hear his harp; he plays the most gifted music for earthly souls’ears to hear.”

“Is it Arch Angel Michael who has captured your heart, again.”

“No, a handsome earthling who tantalizes the comforts of my wings mother.”

“I see.”

“Is it the heart, the mind, this…this earthling has captured?”

“Unfortunately, mother, both, and I do not know how to get them back.”

“May this be the reason you continue to return to this humble abode.”

“Mother it’s so different down there. People do not see the beauty or the necessity to love, but find so many motives to hate.”

“Dear child you are an Angel, breath given from God’s nostrils himself. You do not stray in an earthly situation, you must make it better for all souls involved.”

“Mother, I’ve tried on numerous occasions. Earthlings do not unlock the spiritual powers of their minds, they keep it hidden in clouds of darkness and gloom, then once it cries to be free, the heart does not permit it.”

“I see you have learned quite well from the immoral intentions of earthlings, and they do not understand why Angels must roam unaware.”

“Well mother, this one earthling…you would love him. He’s tall, handsome…hum, let me see here, oh, he plays his harp for me.”

“Is it Orion, Cupid.”

“No mother, he’s a charismatic earthling.”

“Oh, dear me, you did say that, please continue.”

“I do not think this earthling is ready for an Angel such as me, and the true devotion of my giving being.”

“Since Angels cannot love in the physical sense, they…. Oh, dear God, wait, those Fairy friends of yours did not offer their Pixie Dust to you, did they.”

“Ah…unfortunately yes, mother. I know it was in poor judgment.”

“Child you were forwarded of mixing the faith of your essence with Fairy’s Pixie Dust; it distorts the cognizance senses of an Angel, making one thinks she is human. Whereas, you will begin to feel with your mind and harbor such emotions within your heart.”

“I’m sorry, mother. I did not know the effects will last this long, my Fairy friends and I were just having a girl’s night out.”

“You must be punished, no more earthly visits for a month.”

“A month? How will…how will my earthling hear my heavenly serenades?”

“He won’t. A month, and you are asking for two, if I hear anything other than silence.”

“Yes mother.”

“I need to speak with our Heavenly Father about this; this revelation could have dire consequences.”

“But mother…”

“Shh, you have caused enough discord by falling for an earthling…and according to you, who plays a harp.”

“Oh yes mother, the most beautiful and spellbinding lyrics any Angel and an earthling could lose their heart in.”

“Well if this spell cannot be broken, you will be condemned to that earthling, and lose your Angel wings.”

“Seriously, I cannot be earthbound to be saved by an earthling to get my wings, again.”

Umm, lucky for me the first handsome earthling who saved me, is the one I am trying to hide from.


To Be Continued


(588 Words)

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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