The Silent Lure

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A gothic collaboration with the great Hullabaloo22! With shadows their only company, they're alone without a choice. Until he can lure her into the depths to release her grieving voice.

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



The Silent Lure


Hullabaloo22 and Jeff Bezaire


Silence, except for the creaks and the groans,

so long since I’ve heard a voice;

with shadows my only company,

I’m alone with not a choice.

The only one to talk to me

dwells inside my head,

this place has been deserted

by all except the dead.


Oh, silence.

My abominate cotenant where I wait,

In the darkness, I linger in a stagnant state;

Suspended to the bowels, a crusted shell,

Entombed in a murky abyss, I dwell.

Cries never spared for my grave

For it’s my hunting ground to enslave,

In quiet patience I’ve waited so long

Awakening at last to a sweet, lonely song . . .


I’m sure I feel some kind of calling, a pull,

to the window I’m swiftly drawn.

But in the twilit courtyard below,

there’s nought but empty scorn.

A movement, a flicker, a ripple of light,

something has caught my eye,

but mayhap I’m disillusioned

as I stay gazing and deeply sigh.


A scent so fresh and bittersweet,

A loneliness that calls us to meet.

My crusted shell, it begins to break

Ash in the water, stirring like fate.

The water ripples with my desire,

I shall lure you forth, a vision to admire.

Into my dark abyss you’ll peer

My fingers creep to the surface-near.

Do not yet see me, I wish to play

Within your eyes before your soul, I take . . .


I pull the drapes, turn off my lights,

and down the stairs I’ll creep.

Am I mistaken doing this

should I return to sleep?

But it feels like something’s dragging me,

my trepidation makes me slow;

towards the door I make my way

and outside I go.


Slowly, slowly, I lure you near,

Your footsteps echo with quivering fear.

My eyes are open and my fingers twitch

Eager to caress your soft, silken flesh.

It’s been so long since I’ve felt such pleasure,

Will I take you to join me in the nether?

The water clears as your figure approaches,

The darkness retreating as a dim glow encroaches.

My hunger grows inside my belly

Like a wailing presence that won’t stop yelling,

Yet it is I who would cry in the night

For at last I have you within sight.

There you are . . .


The moon light makes my way so clear,

its reflection saying ‘water’s near’;

but that’s not all, there’s something more,

something that calls my very core.

The water looks so dark, opaque,

a calling makes my heart to ache.

I’d like to see whoever’s calling

but now I’m in the water falling.

No point in fighting what was to be

you cannot stay hidden, soon I’ll see.


My slender fingers, around you they wrap,

Your body and spirit lured to my trap;

That I now have you in my clutch,

Forever with me, I’ll keep you as such.

You offer no struggle and show no fright,

Your eyes reveal wilful delight.

Shall I take you to the eternal abyss?

Farewell to the world forever missed.


I’ll fall with you, so willfully,

say ‘Goodbye’ to such a cruel and heartless world.

You scare me not but save me

from the wretchedness to which I’ve been hurled.

Take me to your water home,

my lungs seize up, die,

but your arms can tightly hold me

as I give in to grief and cry.


© Copyright 2018 Jeff Bezaire. All rights reserved.

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