Reach for the sea

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Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



Reach for the sea


Now imagine you live on an island

An island of Greek

Now imagine you live under the Sun, above the sea

That you always have desired to be and always will be


You are the beloved of the sea, that you love it sure we

What you love the most the how fisherman turn an honest penny

Mmm the fish the most loved did you say

How God gave the man the sea and the fish, you wonder must be


In the small island of Aegean Sea, your visit will be

You feel the warm breeze from the sea where no way to reach other

Don’t bother, they will love you, as long as you love the sea

Sponges fishermen coming this way be yourself enough it will be


They will ask you where are you from, answer as they asked manly

Now you see that’s easy, no problem to share the sea

As they know a noble heart from the eyes and voice

That's all they’ll want from you be


Be with the sea with the girl you always searched where to be

Your heart showed you the way and your body is a part of the sea

How seagulls and albatross dance

You’ll give me a chance


The sun’s sea sparkle in colors of yellow, orange, red

The sea is for me and you there in salty breeze right to the face

There the fishermen of Greece play sirtaki

Laterna sings sadly and some lovely


Time to go, drink heavily, sleep near the sea

With your love around your arms be

Love her deeply, never listen to anybody

Reach for the sea.

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