I'm Trying

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What will it take for you to finally notice me? To finally understand what I've done for you??

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



I’m trying.

Trying so hard.

To get you to love me.

I’ve done everything.


I’ve cooked for you.

I made vegetables,

When you said you were a vegan.

I made meat,

When you said you didn’t care.

I made a cake,

When you said you wanted dessert.

I made bread,

When you said you were on a diet.


I’ve played with you.

I kicked soccer balls,

I hit baseballs,

I smacked pucks,

I tossed basketballs,

Carried footballs.

When you said you wanted to be athletic.


I’ve sat with you.

At the beach,

At the park.

At the pier,

At the hill,

At the tree,

At the bench,

At dawn,

At twilight,

With your family,

With my family,

In your bed,

In my bed.

When you said you were lonely.


I’ve sacrificed for you.

My family,




For you.


After all this,

You give me in return,


You turn away,

Act like I don’t exist.

Like I never did anything at all.

Like I never,



No matter how much it shatters my heart,

You leave.

Off to do your own thing,

As if I was never there.

Even though,

I tried.


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