Notes from a Poorly Knitted Sweater

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Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



Notes from a poorly knitted sweater


Such sorrow bestowed on an object that cannot do the job it was made for

Threads dangle loosely in a tangled jumble unable to warm the wearer,

And yet still, there is no threat of being replaced or removed from service,

Patterns and colors matter not when this poorly knitted sweater

Is worn, placed about the shoulders and the torso and still there is a shudder

In the cold dampness lurking outside.


What good is this garment?

What service is there in such a poorly knitted sweater?

When I put it on, it does not warm

It does not offer comfort against the elements,

Those I meet, do not compliment my fashion sense

And instead look at me in wonder

Wonder why I should don such a useless accessory.

There is no sentimental memory to accompany this sweater,

It did not shield me in some of my life’s perilous adventures,

Nor know the softness of a lover’s tender kiss,

Her perfume clinging to the threads long after,

None of it, I tell you.

And yet, I feel blessed to be its owner.

And be able to see the usefulness in something

That would be useless and discarded in someone else’s hands.


Even notes from a poorly knitted sweater

Tell a story of the harshness of this world

That does not have mercy on something without utility

Toss it.  Throw it away.  Why keep it if it had not use?

These words echo in my mind

As I put on my sweater and walk outside.  


© Copyright 2018 George Frost. All rights reserved.

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