Enticing A Thief Of Hearts

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Poem Inspired By The Short Story, An Angel’s Heart In Exile Part I

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018




Tormented heart suspended in exile

Silent whispers heard from many moon miles

A captive heart behind a salacious smile

Such a beautiful task, I must adhere to get my heavenly commodities back

To steal from a thief of hearts, it takes an enticing knack

Going with blinders on, heart, mind, body and all

My wings shall protect from any unseen mental falls

I hope no one would come to suspect this

As I’m enticing a thief of hearts to enjoy the desires of my butter rum abyss

I’m sure one must stand tall against the temptation of alluring passion

Sacrificing my mind to get my heart back, hopefully, still in shipshape and bristol fashion

Ordained by fate to retrieve both

The Heavens have spoke

Or no heavenly home

My wings on earth I shall eternally roam

Hopefully the bait will be softly bitten

Without me ever becoming smitten

A tranquility I long to tenderly embrace

Steady a heartbeat that has lost its pace

The mind trying to save grace

Worship my temple on a bed of silk and lace

A time for us, murmuring melodies hushed, bodies flushed

As undulated cravings engulf our souls, not to be rushed

Desires fusing its elixir to complete

A kiss to my lips as destiny meets

Enlightened hearts as you blissfully come unto me

Such a moan of sweet surrender as the essence of longing softly flees

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