5 Gurkas: Part 1

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The story of a mission during the war in Afghanistan involving Gurkha soldiers from Nepal.

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



The war in Afghanistan has carried on for a long time. Terrorists like the Taliban and others remain and continue planning to kill people, much like they had on 9/11. Among the many fighting is a team of elite Gurka soldiers from Nepal. They had joined the fight after being recruited by the U.S. Army, to fight together. This particular team is led by 31-year-old Gurka Lao. The rest of the team consists of Wei (27), Su Yung (24), Yee (28) and Kang (30). The Gurkas' first mission sounds simple, but is far from it. The team must travel into the boarder region between Afghanistan and Iran, where they would join a team of American soldiers. These American soldiers had been at the boarder to spy on a cell of Iranian terrorists, who are believed to be planning to enter into Afghanistan to attack Afghan forces loyal to the Western coalition aiding in the fight against the terrorists. 

The 5 Gurkas' mission starts at an American base in Afghanistan, where they're briefed about their mission. That evening, at 10pm Afghanistan time, they are dropped into the boarder region via an American Blackhawk helicopter. The Gurkas then begin their journey through the mountains on foot to join their American counterparts. At 6am, as the sun rises and the Gurkas have neared their destination, they run into trouble. They encounter a tribe of Taliban loyalists. This leads to an intense gun fight. Naturally, the Gurkas win and kill their adversaries easily. Once the sun has fully risen, the journey becomes that much harder for the Gurkas. The intense Middle Eastern sun bears down on them as they travel on foot. 

The day's long walk seemed like it would never end for the Gurkas. Hours later, and the sun finally setting, they reach their destination. They make sucessful contact with the small three man American team, consisting of lieutenant Robert Millard (34), private Caine Jordan (27) and lieutenant Eric Ames (33). The now eight man team of Americans and Nepalese Gurkas are 23 miles from Iran currently. Since the sun is setting currently, the soldiers simply remain where they are to wait out the night. Once the sun rises, they will continue their journey back into Afghanistan.

However, things would not go as planned for the eight man team, once they left in the morning. 


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