The Shadow Of The Tower: The Styx

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

In the tiny village of Umbra, which basks in the shadow of an enormous and ancient tower, lives Andy, an unexceptional boy with no idea what he will do with his future. He is mediocre at all things
which are important to the townsfolk, but on the night of his seventeenth birthday he awakens to find himself floating above his bed. He soon discovers that the magical abilities inside of him have
awakened which sparks a yearning for mastery of his new abilities, but to do so he will have to leave the only place he has ever called home. He embarks on an adventure with his best friend Elly
with no idea what lies in store for him and virtually no knowledge about the world which he is about to discover.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Submitted: August 04, 2018

In the realm of Trestle, on the planet Alumn, there existed a great empire. The Empire of Tansia stretched from the Frozen Ocean of the... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: August 05, 2018

Grandpa jumped on Andy, trying to pull him down, but to no avail. His strength was not enough and he had to dodge the flying books a... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: August 06, 2018

The teenagers spun around and made a dash across the fields for the village. As they sprinted across the field the moaning coming from ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Grandpa's Story

Submitted: August 07, 2018

This chapter is told from the first person perspective of Andy's grandfather. This is only a brief portion of his life and lore surrounding him. It was necessary to write it in first person,
otherwise this chapter would have went on and on. Every piece of information in this chapter is a building block (both small and large) for the future of the series.
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Chapter 5

Submitted: August 11, 2018

The teens sat in their chairs wide eyed and speechless about the story they had just heard. How could Grandpa have kept this from every... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Submitted: August 14, 2018

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and within six months of improving himself Andy was undeniably stronger than he had been aft... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Submitted: August 19, 2018

This was a particularly dark night the likes of which Andy had not seen in a very long time. Judging from the time that had passed inside... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Submitted: August 21, 2018

“Please state your business in the city,” the guard said with a bored tone in his voice. Elly was ready, having dealt with these ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Submitted: August 26, 2018

Andy awoke unsure of where he was and with a tickle on his face. The room was lit with the light of the warm sun seeping in through a sma... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Submitted: September 02, 2018

The three of them made their way to the church with Elly leading, casually calling back once and a while to make sure the other two were ... Read Chapter

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