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Marjory was a good woman with a husband and kids; then a day came and slapped her in the face.

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



Marjory was very angry, walking back from burying her old man, she said, ''The sod! Why did he choose this time to go and leave me with three kids? I could never understand this system here on earth.'' She almost reached the car that would take her home. Her sister ran up to her, ''Are you okay sis? Be strong, everything will be alright.''
Marjory was far different from her sister. She was more solid. Alaways looking after the family. The months when her husband was laid off from work, it was she who filled the gap; and it worked out well. Her husband was one of those who believe in having his drink and enjoying himself. He had often said, ''What's the use of not enjoying oneself, when one is always working like a bull.''

Marjory let her husband enjoy himself. off on Saturdays to watch his favourite footbal team. At least he didn't treat her bad. They actuall got on well together. Marjory loved her home and her family. They visited each other often. Her kids had nothing now to moan about, only that their dad was not around any more. He made sure they had what they wanted. There was one thing you couldn't do, and that was to try and stop him from going to the pub for a break and a chat with his friends.
Marjory remembered one Saturday evening, he casme back, not really drunk, and started talking to her about what she would do if he was taken away. She had made it plain to him that there was nothing she could do if it happened. It was one of the things in life she found foolish, like many other things. But that was the way life runs, and sshe had no power to stop it.

She had said to her husband, ''You're a good man, a good family man. I wouldn't trade you in for anything in the world. You have made us all happy, and we're proud of you. It hurt me to tell you this. ''I'll weep and curse you on the say that I bury you. You won't be able to have your drinks any more, and go to your football matches, that body of yours will go back to the soil, and the wind will take you, God knows where. But this little family of yours will always remember you. Tears will fall from my eyes, and I will call you names.''

The End.

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