Hey, the man is an Expert

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Just a short, short, crazy, silly story.

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



I sought everywhere, practically, immediately, I found him. His presence was required by the boss himself. He is the man, the expert, the one who can take on the boss' enemies. This man is fast, concise, and he delivers. The man, never say 'no' to the boss, but, not blindly. He does his stuff, merciless, extreme cautious, and extremely disciplined. Is the reason the boss needs him badly, an expert, cold, and calculated, that is the man, and the boss wants him. The boss' enemies, are brutal, yes, mighty brutal.

With the man, the expert, the boss will fixed things up. The boss' enemies, are well known for not giving up, an inch backward, no prisoners taken. The world could be falling apart, still, the man, the expert, will stop them like a wall of steel. For this expert, not even a muggy night would stop him to do his job, he delivers. And tonight, this night, has been declared the muggiest night ever recorded. Still, this man, the expert, he's prepared to take action. They, us, and them, all gathered around, forming a circle, to wait for the moment. And the boss said, "hey expert, do it now"... and the expert started his infamous, and ferocious fight by saying... "Beretta, model 86, 1986-89, Colt Lawman MKV, DA Revolver 1984, S&W Model 1, Revolver 1896-1903, Remington Model 95, Double Derringer 1866-1935, Tokarev TT 30, Pistol 1930-1950s Russian made, Japanese Model 94, 1934-Webley 9mm, Military Police British made, 1909-1930.

Yes, no one can't beat this expert on naming guns, by manufacturer, model, year made or caliber. Hey, the man is an expert.  

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