The Reason Why We Came To California.

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This dialogue only story has a couple talking about why they took a trip to California.

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



Look at that clear blue sky. There really is nothing better for us to do than to spend the day walking on the beach. Don't you agree, Nancy?

Huh... oh... sorry, John. I just can't help thinking about what the doctor said about... not... well... you know.

Look, Nancy. Why do you think we allowed ourselves to take this trip out here to California for? We need to show ourselves that even we are able to have children. Okay?

Okay, John. But on one condition. It has to be done with another couple watching us. Did I say something wrong, John?

Now that you've mentioned it, Nancy. There is something that I should've told you about my past but never got around to doing so.

Like what, John?

Well... remember what I told you what my line of work has been while I was living out here?

Yes. You said that you were an actor. So?

Was I able to tell you what type of actor I was?

Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that you were one of those guys who lets himself have sex with a woman in front of a camera?

The first starlet I had the pleasure of humping was Marilyn Chambers in the movie Behind The Green Door.

Look, John. I'm not asking you to hire some goons to kidnap me and have my butt hauled to some sex club. I'm just saying that if we are going to give having sex a try in order to have a baby, I want us to do it with another couple watching us.

Let me guess, Nancy. You already met that other couple. Right?

Their names are Leonard and Janice Shatner and they're a Colorado couple who are willing to try something new. So, how about it, John? Are you willing to try something new with us?

Okay, Nancy. You've suckered me into it. Besides, how could I say 'no' to those wonderful eyes of yours?

Thanks, John. I know... deep down inside... that you'll never let me down.

So, where are we supposed to meet them at?

They are staying in a suite at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Janice said that we should get right to it after dinner.

From room service... right?

Actually, they're getting some take out from Red Lobster. Tonight's menu is Rock Lobster and Steak. Two of your favorite dishes.

And you've figured that one of them would be able to get me in the mood. Right?

How did you guess?

Actually, I want to call it a lucky hunch.

Well, we better get back to our hotel and change. I don't want us to make them think that we're a pair of lazy slobs for not accepting their invitation.

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