5 ghurkas: part 2

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part 2.

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



The sun had finally risen over the boarder region of Iran and Afghanistan. The five Ghurka soldiers and the three American soldiers would begin their journey back into Afghanistan to rejoin American and other coalition forces. The Americans had been spying on Iranian terrorists who are planning to carry out attacks against American interests in Afghanistan. Things for the eight man team of Gurkas and Americans traveling would not go well. 

In the mid afternoon, the team fell under heavy gunfire from terrorist fighters in Afghanistan, as well as the villagers loyal to them. As the eight soldiers hid behind rocks, as well as in a close by shallow cave, Gurka Kang was severely wounded by the enemy gunfire. He had been shot in both his legs and right arm multiple times. Immediately, Caine begins to tend to him, as Caine is an Army corpsman. As the other soldiers shot back at their attackers, Eric was shot through his thigh. Naturally, Caine began tending to him as well. Robert began attempting to call for an extraction. The other four Gurkas covered and shot back at the enemies. 

The fighting grew intense, the eight man team pinned down by terrorist fighter gunfire. A sniper managed to shoot Yee in the stomach, severely wounding him. Despite possibly being fatally wounded, Yee continues to fight and help kill approaching enemy fighters. Yee sustained more injuries, one to his left arm and right shoulder. As the fighting continued on for hours and hours, Kang died from blood loss, despite Caine's attempts to save him. Even while wounded, Kang fought and shot back at the attackers. 

The team fell under sniper fire from their attackers. Yee was fatally shot in the chest. The same sniper also managed to shoot Eric fatally in the head.By now, the terrorist fighters began closing in on the team. The remaining Gurkas began fighting with their long gurka knives, killing their incoming attackers. The American soldiers did the same, fighting with pistols and even rocks. At one point, a terrorist fighter attempted to kill the team by pulling the pin on a grenade and leaping at them. Wei saw this and tackled the man, laying on him and taking the entirety of the grenade blast, killing him and the terrorist fighter. 

After fighting off their attackers at close range, the remaining four members of the team managed to get extracted. Robert, Caine, Su Yung and Lao managed to fend off the attacking terrorist fighters, and were finally extracted by an American Blackhawk helicopter. The bodies of the three fallen Gurka soldiers, and one fallen American were recovered the same day by American and coalition forces. 

Eight months later, Robert and Caine were awarded Medals of Honor by the American government. Numerous people also began a movement to have Lao and Su Yung awarded similarly for bravery, despite them not being American citizens. After months and months of people campaigning, the American government agreed. An acception was made, and both Lao and Su Yung were awarded the Medal of Honor, despite not being Americans. Both were also given American citizenship for their bravery and actions. Both became dual citizens of the U.S. and their native Nepal.

Also posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor would be Wei, for leaping on a grenade to save the lives of his fellow soldiers during battle. Wei, along with Kang and Yee were also given full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. The three of them were buried in Nepal, as per their families' desires. 

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