Alice Grows

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Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



Alice Grows


So, come have some tea in my garden of dreams

where I sit at this table and wait,

for a rabbit who is late for the date that we made

ever so long ago.

And tell me truly, for I must know, and I’ve never been able to guess:

Why IS a raven like a writing desk?

Or am I simply raving?

Gone mad from the lack of whatever I’m craving?

A feline with a carnal grin, absolves me from each mortal sin,

Informing me that all are somewhat crazy.

Lustful, greedy, prideful and lazy.

Any indulgence of “drink me” or “eat me”

will never satiate or complete me, for I was starving in my soul.

I shared a bowl with Absolem.

In turn, he asked me who I am, and at last I know the answer.

I’ve traveled this road before,

Through the keyhole in the little door, over and over and over again.

Swimming through rivers of my own tears,

Falling through mirrors and facing my fears.

Tending my garden of fanciful flowers and trees.

Ruling as a gentle Queen among every Knight and Pawn,

Waking with the dawn and beaming bright.

Painting the roses red. Painting the roses red.

Well, why not paint them blue instead?

Or any color you’d desire to see.

Such a precious flower is a child.

Growing wild, growing wild, growing wild.


© Copyright 2019 Andromeda L. Dawson. All rights reserved.

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