An Angel’s Heart In Exile Part II

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Come unto thy wings, where the rapture of night and day sings of our ascending glory in flight


Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



An Angel’s Heart In Exile II


Heaven B.C

Pearly Gates Avenue

The Next Day

“Ooh, I dislike being an Angel at times. Mother how can I convince an earthling to love me in three days, minus one day, it’s impossible. It took Arch Angel Michael, centuries to even consider asking you and father’s permission to converse with me. Mother, I need more time, please.”

“Well, what did this earthling have to say when you visited him as he slept.”

“Something about paint, I can’t read his mind mother; he’s a very complex individual. When I’m on earth, his thoughts radiates through me so sensually, seductively, memorizing, when I’m up here, our thoughts are attuned, however, with a haze. Oh God help me, please.”

“It appears, he has; he’s given you three days.”

“Mother, you are the Superior Angel, and father sits on the right hand of God, can’t you two pull your powers to be.” 

“Your father, and I have already convinced God to give you the three days. If we did not plead on your behalf; you dear child will be earthbound as we speak.”

“Ooh, this is so unfair.”

“Have you…how should I say this, you may want to cover your ears. Have you visited this earthling’s bed?”


“I do know those earthlings have a craving for soft Angel flesh, our wings are highly addictive within itself. However, do you think I met your father when he was a mortal man.”

“Mother, this is my dilemma, remember.”

“I’m sorry dear. Now have you visited his bed.”

“With love and hugs, kisses and rubs. I laid on his chest, talked about life, and mother his heartbeat was in union with mine. I can’t believe all this originated from enjoying Fairy’s Pixie Dust.”

“Yes, this is the consequences for tempting the scales of fate. Now as the princess of a Superior Angel, I suggest you think of a way to seduce, bed, or lure this earthling, or you will have more problems imaginable. Once you are earthbound trying to befriend someone to return your Angel’s wings to you, may cause you hardship; if you do not know, there’s a clause, you may not return to this earthling, who I can only assume rescued you the last time.”

“Bu…but how did you know.”

“Archangel Michael.”

“Archangel Michael, what does he have to do with this.”

“Do you really think your father would allow you to roam that hellish place, unchaperoned.”

“Wait, you mean all this time Archangel Michael has been shadowing me.”

“You can say that.”

“And, I was never told, wow isn’t this revelation day.”

“Watch your tone young lady.”

“I’m sorry mother. Then who is Archangel Michael on earth.”

“All, I hear him mumble once he reports to Angel Council is about foosball and cereal.”

“Football, cereal, this is just getting interesting by the minute.”

“Am I interrupting.”

“No Michael, my daughter and I were just discussing what troubles her heart.”

“Hi Michael.”

“Hello beautiful.”

“I would leave you two alone.”

“So, what’s heaven’s prettiest Angel, doing this evening.”

“Earth mission.”

“Again, I mean, earth work?”

 “Handsome, you want to tell me why I was never informed by you, you were on earth as I was.”

“I do not know what you’re speaking in reference too.”

“I think one of the ten commandments is, thou should not bear false witness.”

“I was commissioned by your father.”

“In your earthly form, who are you; I do not want to cross paths with you.”

“We already have.”


To Be Continued


(Words 593)

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