Owning Our World

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Owning our lives in an age of irresponsibility

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



“Quick, hide, it’s the Lord.”

“Hey, Adam, Eve. Where are y’all?”

“We heard y’all coming and hid out ‘cause we was naked.”

“Really? Who told y’all that you was naked? Did y’all eat from that tree I told y’all not to?”

“It’s not my fault, Lord. That woman y’all made me, she gave it to me.”

“Eve, did y’all do that?”

“Well, Lord the serpent tricked me into eating it.”


And that’s the way the whole crisis of responsibility thing started. It’s kind of spiraled out of control since then. The great complication with the modern versions of this story is that with so many victims around these days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find someone to blame who is not themselves a victim.

The Bible doesn’t go into the conversation between the serpent and God (if there was one). However, as the story unfolds, the serpent seems to be the only one not trying to evade responsibility for his actions. That doesn’t mean the serpent was virtuous, only that there was no one left for him to blame.

In the 70’s, the serpent’s defense, “The devil made me do it,” was all the rage. I believe the phrase fell out of favor because it smacked of too much of shared responsibility. It was just too close to owning our actions. The arrival of a new saying, “Here comes da Judge,” was the final nail in the devil made me do its coffin.

As a writer, I am a world builder. I make up worlds out of words and try to make them seem real. Sometimes, I succeed and step right into the limelight and take the credit. When my worlds fall flat, the blame lies with a lazy muse. But, the truth is I am responsible for both success and failure.

In a very real way, God made us all writers. That “ye shall be as gods” idea the devil espoused was not far off the mark. Life since Adam is an ongoing work of creating and recreating the world we inhabit. No one wants to be responsible for writing a tragedy, or a comedy of errors. We edit, revise and outright lie to cast our protagonist in the best possible, and most reader-pleasing, light.

If the antagonists would just leave our hero alone, everything would turn out fine. That may be true in fairy tales and children’s books, but never in grown up novels---or grown up worlds. We must bear the responsibility for our world---we made it.

Modern parents and our educational system from pre-school to doctorate programs are indoctrinating the youth of today in mindless irresponsibility. They are oppressed, repressed, misunderstood, evolved, enlightened, educated in progressive liberalism, but never, ever, ever, responsible for their actions.

Adam and Eve found out right away that blaming someone else didn’t fly. God held each of them responsible. That is justice and equality with a huge dose of inclusiveness. The person who owns his actions may be scorned by men. What some fail to understand is that responsibility, before God, is tempered by mercy and grace. God is willing to forgive what we own. What we deny is ours to keep for eternity.

“And after all that is come upon us for our evil deeds, and for our great trespass, seeing that thou our God hast punished us less than our iniquities deserve…”

“Know therefore that God exacts of you less than your iniquity deserves”.

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