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Adoria is a character of a girl everyone has a crush on, who is brutally murdered, and one of the person who had a past crush on her named Hamilton takes up the case after 10 years division in work
to investigate who the murderer is.

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



so many versions of just one memory, and yet none of them were right or wrong. Instead, they were all pieces. only when fitted together, edge to edge, could they even begin to tell the whole story.

I left my room, on the west side, I walked from noon until the night, my eyes were red the streets were bright, those ancient years were black and white. The 30th of January when the year is started, I had remember that she was so cute, it was her birthday, I remember for now and forever, that this day had left a black mark in my life, I couldn’t forget it. I walked to her street with a tie on and the shirt ditched on, it was that 30th night. I saw her from a distance talking to a guy and I was observing this, then suddenly he pushed her onto the road and a car may be in the speed of 70 came and went through her.

I woke up from my sleep, this issue which has left a mark in my life is still haunting me all these years, 10 years passed but I am still not able to forget her. 

Sorry about the delay in my introduction, hey! This is Hamilton, I am working in the police, there was been so much of influence on my duty because of few terrible issues happened with me in my life.

Lithauser one of my police assistant said “sir, here we are with the new issue, there was a murder happened last night in the 7th house in the orange street, we need to hurry up!”

I said “what’s today’s date?”

“ 30th January, sir” he answered.

I told him I had some plans and I may not be able to join him to the crime location.

Every year on this date, I wear that tie and ditch the shirt put on the belt and leave the house, I walk for hours in that day light without feeling anything right. I sat on the 35th floor of the saint towers thinking back about my past.

Her name was sakhi. A very lively and cute behavior to which I always fall for. Every love story has that one feeling or confession that no one ever convey to their loved once, yes, the same happened here with me, I was so shy to talk to her, in my entire schooling life from 1st grade to graduation I knew her but once I have never tried to talk or start a conversation with her. I doubt if  she ever knew my existence.

I see her walking in the corridors, talking to her friends, always behind teachers, smiling at her male friends visiting every class for announcements, I always look at her diverted from the class, and she was so mesmerizing and bootylicious. But I see her in a way that she doesn’t notice me seeing her. But as always flames and love calculators were common, flames I always used to get “S” which usually refers to “sister” but as a potential young boy I never used to lose my hope. From 1st grade itself I  know that her birthday was on 30th of January.  Every day from the last 13 years I save a gift for her but never dared to give it to her.

(End of the flashback)

I received a message from the officer that they found a suspect, and me as a senior officer must interrogate him in an hour. I reached the department and lithauser guided me to the suspect’s room. I was thunderstruck; the suspect was sakhi’s father. After 10 years I never expected to see him in any situation like this. I know him very well, I'd fixed him in my mind as my father-in-law, but he has no idea about who I am.

I started my interrogation in a very slow manner than usual.

“ who are you? And why are you involved in this crime?” I said.

“ I am Rupert Vansittart, and I have shifted here a couple of months ago, I don’t know anything and I am not at all involved in this crime.” He said.

“the murdered person was a lady, sir” said my assistant.

“ from how long have you been killing ladies? Aren’t you ashamed to commit an act as such?” I asked.

“ sir please, I have already told you that I am not at all involved in this act, seriously sir please believe me.” Rupert said.

“what’s the reason for your family to shift here?” I asked.

“ actually that’s because of my daughter, sir. She has come here in search of a boy who she loves deeply and wants to marry.” He answered.

So, Rubert has 2 daughters and one died 10 years ago. I just rotated my head alongside the room and found a card-board box.

“What’s in the box, lithauser?”

“ there are few things which we’ve got from the crime location.” He replied.

“ I see, what do those boxes contain?” I questioned.

“ girly stuff like greeting cards and all sir, and few letters too.” Lithauser answered.

I opened the box and started reading out few letters, those were written for someone named “charm” and had few details which  as a police representative, I  was lazy to read about.

“who’s this charm? The boy your daughter came here and is searching for? I asked.

“ ‘was’ searching for.” He replied.

“ I didn’t get you?”

“ my daughter was searching for him, now she can’t.”


“ don’t you know sir? The murdered person is his daughter herself.” Interrupted lithauser.

I was thunderstruck once again. A man with his 2 daughters dead and helpless.

“what was her name?”

“her name is Adoria, sir” replied Rubert.

(talking to myself) I heard this name somewhere, I wonder where? This name looks so familiar to me. Inside me I was getting diverted again, instead of solving the case, I was bringing emotion in-between.

I went to the crime place, sat down there like 4 hours analyzing what possibly would have happened, because one daughter sakhi died because of me, that day if I would go towards her and interrupt their conversation, she would be alive today. Or maybe I would have told the words which I still feel today, she would be alive, but no! I was just staring at the situation and ran back home after she get hit.

I went back to the investigation room to ask Rubert few more questions to collect evidences.

“Sir, I know you have two daughters, first one died 10 years ago in an accident and second daughter in a murder.”

“Yes my son, you are absolutely right! I am broke because of both these incidents which happened in my life.”

May be the murder was committed by the person whom Adoria came here looking for? I doubt everything for sure. So I need to find out about who this charm is.

“Sir Do you have any idea about who this charm is? I asked Rubert.

“No sir, I have no idea about him, I just know that my daughter loves him and wants to marry him.” He answered.

“Do you have any of his photos with you?” I asked.

“I don’t have any, but as I was continuously asking her to show his photos, she hid them somewhere in our house, and that’s sure.” he answered.

So our officers and I rushed to his house for those photos. We were searching for the photos everywhere and I told my officers to bring each and every photo which exists in the house.

When I went into a bedroom, I found a photo-frame of Sakhi; I secretly took and put it in my jacket. Later the officers came and told that they didn’t find any photos related to charm.

I went home that night thinking that I am doing something wrong related to this case and some evidence I own but was unable to look through.

I slowly slipped into sleep.


Her performance in our school’s annual day was really awesome! She dances very well. That day her whole family came to see her dancing, it was so great to see her on the stage.

She is a very famous girl in our entire college, everyone knows her, but she doesn’t know me or my name. I sometimes feel why can’t I just go and at least talk something with her or even just go and congratulate her for her performance? But again there was that tiny little thing called shyness which didn’t allow me to throw that dare out. May be I somehow used to feel no one likes me, but I had a great smile then, but after her accident that smile went away.


I was getting more deviated staring at her photos, I never took this long to solve a simple murder case, the reason was Sakhi’s emotion coming in between as always. So with anger, the photo frame I collected from Rubert’s house, I threw it down and broke it.

I sat calmly in the dim light, begging for help, and then I noticed that there were few photos behind the frame. I took them out and realized that those photos were eventually mine, that means that the boy Adoria loves is me? How does she even know me? Why did she call me ‘charm’ in her letters? In a hurry manner I left my house and rushed to Rubert’s house.

He was crying, literally on tears, I asked him, “did your daughter anytime tell you why she has named her loved person as ‘charm’?

“ I heard her talking to her friends that she calls the person charm because she likes the way the person laughs and smiles” answered Rubert.

“I need to tell you one thing sir, your daughter was searching for me, she nick named be as charm, but my question is how does your daughter know me?” I asked.

“ what! You are that charm she is looking for? I am quite surprised my boy, this is getting really unbelievable.” He exclaimed.

“ how does she know me? She didn’t study with me in my school or college, nor she ever talked to me, she is even 4 years younger to my age.” I said.

“she studied in cardinal proder high-school, and completed her 10th in 2005.” He answered.

“what? Really? Even I completed my 10th in the same year in the same school, but your small daughter is 4 years younger to me.” I exclaimed.

“yeah, but why are you talking about my small daughter now? She studied in some other school, why are you bringing  in this discussion?” he questioned.

“because this murder case is about your small daughter named Adoria.” I answered in an aggressive manner.

“ what non-sense? Adoria is the name of my elder daughter. Why are you confused officer?” Rubert said.

“ then why did you say Adoria died, when your small daughter died?” I asked.

“sir, lets make this clear, whoever died a couple of days ago is my big daughter Adoria, and my small daughter died 10 years ago in a car accident.” He answered.

I was completely shocked and thunderstruck, I had no words to speak, there were tears in my eyes, and my throat has dried without letting a word come out. And yeah, Sakhi was the name I gave it to the girl I loved, I have never tried to know or find out about her actual name, and her friends call her Adoria, that’s why I said this name looks familiar to me.

And I was shocked once again that the conversation which took the night of 30th was between Rubert’s younger daughter and she has died that day in the accident. I never took a moment to find out who died but was in a hurry due to the pain I felt inside after the incident. And being a senior most officer in the department I didn’t even tried to see the dead body of the victim and never ever tried to ask Rubert few clarity questions. There was this misunderstanding happened due to my wrong assumptions in the beginning.

So how I used to stalk Sakhi (Adoria) in the corridors or whenever she used to visit my class, the same way even she used to stalk me without I even knowing about it. As how I gave her a nickname of my choice in the same way she has given me a nickname, as how I was shy and scared to talk to her, in the same way even she was shy and scared to come and talk to me. As how I collected gifts every year on her birthday and stored them with me, the same way she collected greeting cards, wrote letters for me and never did a try to give them to me, so that’s what exactly the card-board box contained. We both loved each other a lot, I doubted if she ever knew my existence she doubted me if I’d ever knew her existence, both had few tones of feelings inside us but never gave a try to express them.

She loves me a lot, I love her a lot, but as I realized she died instead of her sister, I left the place and came to this country. As she was unable to live without me, even she after many years found out where I lived and came here to give me those presents.

Have you ever experienced this level of coincidence, where a boy loves the girl and the girl  loves the boy, but both of them have no idea if the other loved them back, the same happened to me over here. So all these years the person whom I thought was dead was actually alive searching for me and struggling to meet me, but before I ever knew that she is here for me, the destiny played its game and Adoria was murdered.

Then, who is the murderer? This moment I am so aggressive on the killer that if I would find him, I would have burnt him alive.

I told Rubert about everything whatever happened and sent him back to his house giving him the level of confidence and promising him that I would return back finding the murderer of Sakhi.

This was getting deeper than expected, why would someone murder Adoria? what's there a reason? or maybe it was a suicide?

then there was a thought in my mind, I rushed to Rubert's house and slowly took out my duty gun and shot him on his head.

not because he was the murderer, but because I was one.







© Copyright 2018 Sethu Vardhan. All rights reserved.

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