"He who Whisper"

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A short story about a cult called "whisper"

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



My friend Trent and I decided it would be fun if we went to a late night movie. The movie was called "The whisper" and it was a local horror movie about a group of high school friends who went camping one the weekend before graduating when they interrupt a cult of guys and girls who only whisper. It was Rated R for violence and some nudity and language. 

We were both in our twenties so it didn't bother us. Anyhow after the movie we drove down to a burger restaurant that was similar to "steak and shake." We walked in and took a seat. There was a guy inside the restaurant who looked like he was high and drunk at the same time. He kept pacing back and fourth. This lady asked him to take a seat and he just started screaming 


"The Whisper is coming!" 


"Oh god that stupid movie. The lady said. "U knew that movie was no good. Yeah such a same." I heard a few women talking to each other. The man fell down and got back up he walked over to the bar and got a beer. Out in the distance we were all being watched. The waiter came over to us and apologized for the scene. We said it was no problem and said he was crazy. The waiter laughed and took our drinks and food order. 

It was around twelve at night. Midway through we got our appetizer BBQ Wings. We ate them. I watched as the drunk man got up from the bar stool and walked over to the exit and walked out. A few seconds later we heard a scream and he walked back inside the restaurant with an arrow through his head. He fell to the ground dead. Everyone in the restaurant screamed. We watched as panic erupted. The manager got up on one of the tables and told everyone 


"Everything is ok we called the police they are on the way stay calm and stay inside. Your dinners and drinks are free the rest of the night." 


The waiter brought us our food as I started to eat. Trent looked at me. "What I'm hungry!" I said. He started to eat too. We hear the sound of glass shattering and look over someone through a brick into the window.  A note was attached the note read. 


"Whisper is Not just a movie we are a family"


What does it mean one lady asked. The manger started telling everyone to remain calm when we heard a scratch sound and this time everyone in the restaurant saw a women wearing a mask staring at us through the window. She had a knife in her hand and she placed her tongue on the blade and cut herself. She smiled and started waiving the

Knife at different people. 

We saw headlights in the distance. A car was coming straight at the building. It stopped a few feet from the restaurant. A man came out wearing the same mask as the women but with a Robe on and was wearing a cape with gloves. He had a bushwhacker in his hand. He was waiving it around as well. Just then two more people in masks emerged this time one had a crossbow it was the guy who killed the drunk man. He was smiling and said 

"that guy took an arrow to the head" 


The other had a spiked baseball bat in her hand and she approached the door and started to smash the glass windows. She reached in and unlocked the door with her hand. 


"They're inside now!!" One of the women screamed. As everyone freaked out. The manager got up in one of there faces and told them "they need to leave now I called the police." The girl with the knife laughed and walked up to the man and stabbed in the stomach. He screamed we watched as the lady with the spiked bat hit him in the head 

,and together they placed him in the back of the truck and the leader drove him away. "They killed him!" The women said. Me and Trent were on our knees behind the bar hoping they wouldn't see us. The one with the crossbow started shooting at random people. About ten people were killed. The remaining three members walked into the restaurant and said 


"Tonight you all should be honored you are a part of our family!" 


Only me, my friend and about five others were still alive.  You could hear the police sirens in the distance. The cult members smiled and said 


"The police save you tonight but you all will Never Forget us! we are The Whisper" we are not just a movie. we are a cult and we will Not stop until the day we die. We will be back someday." 


With that the remaining members of this cult took off into the night. The police came with guns out. We told them that the people had just left and told them what happened. They did a investigation and asked all the survivors what happened and we gave out statements. The police made sure each of us made it home safe that night. But I will Never forget the tragedy that occurred and the people who died. 


This cult is still out there watching..waiting... for they're Next victims.

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