An Empty Chest and a Broken Heart

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The sign at the end of the road reads, ''Yard sale of a beautiful heart''

Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



The sign at the end of the road reads yard sale of a beautiful heart,

but don't look for anything whole here everything is in pieces and parts.

A hand that would reach to help you in your time of need,

is now clenched tight to the world because nothing is what it feels.

A strong arm that would hold you up to keep you standing tall,

Is now bent tight to her side unwilling to break your fall.

A smile that some say lit up a room is now straight as a knife,

A world where there once was laughter now seems like a broken life.

Ears that listened to anything that anyone had to say,

Have now turned to being deaf since they've been betrayed.

Legs that would walk beside you reassuring you that you had a friend,

Are reattached to the bottom of a back that, now, refuses to bend.

A broad shoulder to cry on when you're feeling blue,

Now rounded in disgust and disappointment it's sad but oh so true.

Remember, one of the things you can never take back,

are words after they've been said.

It's amazing how a few short words can leave you  feeling dead.

Long story short; I have for sale an empty chest & a broken heart,

I will wait in faith with hopes that one day it'll be filled with loving sparks.

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