Pain flying away

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You cannot get rid only from bad memories expecting the good memories won’t be swiped away too...

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



Begone my love,


For there’s nothing left to say

Everything was swiped away.

And You belong where you are,

And I am a distant lonely star.


Beloved you are,

My Beloved...

For you were created to be happy,

And I was made to be snappy.

Your life is bright,

And I’m hurt by light.


Before it was fine,

Before we were fine.

When we were mere strangers

And didn’t face any dangers,

it was so much fun

To be outside under the sun.


Begin again,

Begin all over,

The pain will fly away,

and none of us will stay.

Live your life like nothing happened,

As my soul by distance gets blackened.


Beware I guess,


For all this pain was not in vain,

I will rise up again,

I hope you do the same,

And leave behind the blame.


Behold my friend,

Behold the beauty of the sunset,

For I was destroyed in many pieces, 

But in fact, my worth increases!

Don’t you know

a diamond must be broken

so its value can be spoken?

My life can be bleak,

But I’m not that weak!




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