The Techno Girl

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Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



The Techno Girl


Having heard about the new film she was excited. The sub-generation before them, about 8 years older ones, had a chance to watch the first episode in theaters… Now it was their turn. Now the whole film industry worked for them, those actors, actresses, effect makers, directors, scenario writers, stunts, composers… 

Her friends were waiting for she to break the school…

“In this life, you have to break school sometimes in order to watch…”

“Ooo easy to say, you can understand the next lesson by telepathy.”

“Girl I’ve to tell you, you have to take an eye for this guy… Linda, don’t bother, everyone has broken it in a lifetime once. Or it will be unnatural…”

“Did you bring your stereo player boy, and the cassettes are ready I mean… Here take this…”

She gave the cassette to Sam and in a minute they were walking the Street as loud as they can be, the whole world must be following them… 

Now playing: “2 Unlimited - No Limit”

“Wow, that's what I call techno Linda where did you get this…”

“From a cyborg from future…”

Everyone laughs Cristine takes the lead and turn ups the volume: 

Hahaaaaha wooow for Linda… You're a techno girl you know it”

No one rushing to see the film now… But their way was for theater… Sam asks:

“What was the lesson, Linda?”

“It was the German Language, I don’t know what will they say to the teacher? Offf…”

“Haaahhahaa they would tell something like ‘Sie ist jetzt im Kino meine lehrerin’…”

Laugh on load from 5 kids at the same time… 

Now the song changes: “Cappella - Move On Baby.”

“I wonder if the terminator should ask what the year is Sam.”

Cristine takes the word: 

“You should tell him 1991 and we are listing to future music…. Wooowww...”



“It’s techno they call, babe…”

These kids made their way to the movie theater as loud they could be- the last song of the tape was: “Cappella - Move It Up”

Now they watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day… They grew older and the techno girl has grown to be older. When she looks back she thinks of Sam, Cristine and others and that day when they were happy as they could be and tunes in to the same tape… 

Now that was playing:

”Blade 2 Techno-The song from club scene”

The techno girl was grown up but her roots were strong and she was a powerful individual in the society. Now it was time for techno, always techno, live with techno, she was the techno girl…

“Hey Linda, can you give me the other cassette…”




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