Tonight as i lay dying

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Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



Today is over

 Time for sleep

I will close my eyes

try not to creep


He loves me but I'm toxic

He cares too much I think

I am trying to change my ways

but I always take a drink


Hell probably give up

He always does

He usually goes too far

up real high or down real low

i cannot see the stars


He wants me clean  and sober

  Says he knows deep inside me

I don't know how to tell him

I've never let him close enough to see


I am trying to be more open

After all we all have fears

If i help you carry your load

You'll help me with my tears


Tonight I'll get some rest 

and stop blaming only me

Bc a relationship takes two

and the truth Will set you free


Be careful with the truth though

It hurts you deep inside

Secrets keep you sick my love

Its mental suicide

tonight is unforgiving uncomfortable and grey

tonight I'll numb my feelings

and let tomorrow slip away


swallow it down deep

pray it doesn't come up fast

take it like a champ kid

these struggles never last


I am a hopeless wanderer

a lost and empty soul

I hide myself away from you

where my heart was now's a hole


I keep giving it away and taking it back

I don't think I'll ever stop

Im standing in the middle of it

Im waiting for the bomb to drop


tomorrow I will start anew

and try for just one day

hopefully tomorrow comes and I don't waste away

© Copyright 2018 Nastasia Mitchell. All rights reserved.