The Disguised Face

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Sofia's mother died when she was very young and her father got another wife without her will. Her step mother, Ariana loves her son,Daniel, who studies in a expensive college and her ten years old
daughter, Miley who is in 7th. Sofia is forced to by her mother to discontinue her studies and work in a hardware store. One hard day, when she returns from her store, something strange happens....

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



"Why are there so many people around?" I literally was taking it a bit normal. I was entering my house's main door after so much hard work today in my hardware store and on my first sight, our big hall was full of so many people. It doesn't seem a good scene though. I started marching straight with fast steps. "Mom! What's happening? I mean why are so many people here?" The comeback was frightful enough. Thud! A huge slap on my right cheek. I still have a light hand mark left. Everyone present in the hall are staring at me. "Am I looking so weird? What have I done?" My mom slapped me for the third time in life as I got two slaps when I was kid and I broke my mom's vase. "What did I broke now?" Her gaze is fierce. "You aren't capable of being a daughter, neither a sister." Why was she saying all this. I was already outta mind and she is just making a pudding of my brain. I didn't have any courage to speak infront of so many people but I tried my best. "Mom! What have I done?" This question seemed to anger her more. "What have you done?" She grabbed my wrist tightly and took me the center of the hall where I was pale. It was my brother's dead body. I wasn't shocked enough to see it. Why wasn't I? "You killed daniel?" uhhhhh! Mom are you serious? Why would I kill him? Then again, "You all see, she killed my son." She was directing her speech to the neighbours standing. "She was intending to kill him since my son came with me. I always treated her as my own daughter" it wasn't true but I respected her as my mother even thought she didn't liked my mother a bit. She was doing her drama and everyone was awfully looking at me. After some of these awkward moments, I was frozen after finding cops standing outside our door as they were slowly walking inside. My mom started more loudly now "Ah! You came? Take this girl and hang her to death." she was obviously pointing towards me. An inspector with a handsome face, with a pretty smile, said "Ms.Steven! Don't panic. We're here now." They saw my mom pointing at me before so he directed his gaze towards me "So! Are you Sofia?" No doubt I was scared but it couldn't resist me from shaking my head in 'Yes'. "Your father's wife accusing you of murdering her son. Is it true, miss? His tone was emphatic. I expected this from her, I started to look towards my so-called mother, startled. "Mom how can you even think about it?" This question doesn't seem to affect her a bit. She hates me, after all. "Have you any regrets?" it was the inspector. I was hating him at this moment, so I passed him a hateful glance " What do you mean? Regrets about what?" He smiled, that wasn't pretty to me. "Well! It's up to you; whether you surrender yourself or we arrest you by force, that would be embarrassing" I shot him a careless smile, "Alright, first collect evidence against me, I'm ready to be embarrased". He shifted his eyes toward my mother " don't worry miss, we'll find out the criminal within a week". She shook her head cursing me in silent language. The policemen walked towards the door. I didn't knew why he passed me that smile? That was weird. When, he disappeared from sight, the usual hateful look was approaching me. Everyone around was her side so I couldn't do anything but to quietly walk towards my room. After locking the door from inside, I threw myself on my bed. There wasn't any other thing to do so I started crying loudly."Daniel." I couldn't speak any other words. "Daniel....". Then my door was knocked. I hurriedly stood and wiped my tears. "Who's there?" that voice was a bit worried one "it's me, Miley." I opened the door and I was trying to act normal. "Yes?" Miley came inside and sat on my bed. "Sophia, what has happened?". Her eyes were shedding continous tears. "He had gone to his office, so happily." she stopped for a moment "and now he's no more" I wasn't able to say anything at that time. In short, I was not in my senses. Then, Miley held on to my hands tightly "Was it what he deserved?" I gave her a little pat on her shoulder. In the my heart I was sorry. Mom entered my room shouting "Miley! Where are you?" When she saw Miley holding my hands, she glanced at me hatefully and pulled Miley towards her. "You want my daughter now?" Miley was simply quite. She never willed to oppose her mother as an obedient daughter but she trusted me as well. "Mom! Why don't you trust me? I never should that didn't share the same blood with them. She started touching milley's face "Dear! You're a child now. You don't what type of people exist. You have just seen your brother down there, right?" Miley shook her head. She took her away from my room, not looking at me even once. When I was left unanswered, my heart grew heavier. ................................................... "The girl isn't a bit nervous or scared. I don't think she is the The one we should look for." The constable asks, "Sir! How can you be so sure?" The inspector smiled, "I am experienced, Bean. I can guess from a person's behaviour and expressions what's inside his head" Constble smiles.

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