The Mirrored World - The Dream Spheres - Book One ( 2010 )

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: James Ellis

For the first thirteen years of his life Arthur Noble has lived a quiet, normal life. Perfectly content to remain unnoticed, safe in a peaceful little street in the London suburbs. But then one
night all that changes when he meets a man named Serminius Potts.

An attempt is made on Arthur’s life and he escapes with Serminius through a magical doorway to another London in another world. The Mirrored World.

What follows is a journey that will lead Arthur to the hidden secrets of his family’s past and his own connection to the mysterious artefacts known as the Dream Spheres.

Table of Contents


The man was dying. He had staggered from the flames and the thick choking smoke before collapsing. He tried vainly to pull hi... Read Chapter

The Boy From Hollow's End

~ Part One ~   ~ 12 Years ~ Later   Arthur Noble lived in a small, modest house. Far smaller, and far mor... Read Chapter

The Midnight Visit

It was nearly midnight and Arthur was sat at his bedroom window for the fifth night in a row. He‘d sat here each night since that fir... Read Chapter

The Librarian's Lodging

Arthur half opened his eyes, and found himself in a small room lit by the light of a single table lamp. He had no idea where he was, or... Read Chapter

The Truth About the Old Church

They stayed at the lodging until sun set. Serminius feeling it was too dangerous to go out into the open until night had fallen again, ... Read Chapter

The Other London

He felt as if the old church had somehow been compressed about him, all the colour and the sound in it seemed to swirl, then flood thro... Read Chapter

The Institute of Angelic Studies

In the smallest of the three glass domes there was a door that opened into an observation room. It held nothing more than seven, hand h... Read Chapter

The Elementals

He turned to find three of the Institute guards- dressed in emerald uniforms and caps- running fast toward him. He had seen two of them... Read Chapter

The Conversation in the Attic

He fell so far. Further than seemed possible. His descent growing faster and faster as he tumbled headlong through the furious wind and... Read Chapter

The Devil's Den

He turned from Arthur, and moved soft footed across the old floorboards as silently as possible. He stopped just past the doorframe, in... Read Chapter

The Orphan Gangs

~ Part Two ~   No! No! It couldn’t have happened! It couldn’t have! Serminius couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t! Arthu... Read Chapter

The Rooftop Children

The three Death Spectres rushed forward, but Arthur couldn’t run. He felt his feet pinned to the ground as if an invisible weight had... Read Chapter

Mr Noah and Mr Hood

Evening passed into night, and Arthur told Abigail and Jasper all that had happened to him and all that he had learnt since the hooded ... Read Chapter

The Boat People

Mr Noah was almost upon him, one gloved hand grasping toward him, the other holding the knife as it glinted, wet from the rain. He felt... Read Chapter

Miss Mortimer

As they boarded the Evelina Miss Mortimer explained that Jim Carter was not her real father, but her adoptive father, and he and the bo... Read Chapter

The Battle in the Fog

Within the hour the Evelina had set sail, and a deep, dense fog had settled upon the Thames. Arthur had been told he would have to rema... Read Chapter

Abigail's Secret

He heard voices… familiar… faint…people were shouting, running. He felt the blood on his face, still sticky and warm, and someone... Read Chapter

The Teacher and the Student

Arthur stared at her in disbelief, but her cool expression did not alter at all. She said nothing more, and it was obvious she expected... Read Chapter

The League of the Serpent

~ Part Three ~   He plunged into the icy coldness feet first, and the water swallowed him up in a huge splash as he plumme... Read Chapter

The Sky Chase

He gripped Arthur’s tight and pulled him up onto the ledge. Arthur was speechless. He felt as if he was staring at someone who’d ri... Read Chapter

Pursuit Through the Marshes

Arthur struggled to push himself up out of the soggy marsh he’d landed in, but his hands just sank deeper into the foul smelling mudd... Read Chapter

The Mystery of Nathanial Alberic

Arthur stared at the letter. He was stunned. He felt his thoughts tumbling one over the other and he felt as if he was going to throw u... Read Chapter

A Duel Between Old Friends

His face was almost unrecognisable. It was now disturbingly gaunt, and his unruly hair was now immaculately brushed from his forehead. ... Read Chapter

Innocence Lost

Arthur turned to Abigail and Jasper, a deep panic in his eyes. He felt a great sense of apprehension fall over him. He was lost. It pus... Read Chapter

Going Home Again

When he awoke it was to an equal quiet. He slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times to try and wake himself properly. He was sat ... Read Chapter

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