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This poem is about being aware of other peoples state of mind, checking up on them, and being mindful of alcoholism

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



There was a girl Alana,

She sat on the stoop of her friends

House, she opened the bottle of

Henny, and held her face in the palm of her

Hand, such a mysterious land, one drink

Of the liquor and her heart was racing,

She was pacing, not in person

But in her mind, time flew by

Like a clock on forwards time,

The cars flew past, and the clock ticked to

9, two sips in her common sense was gone

Not too far on, she was 21, she bore a son

Father not around, not too many family

Or close relatives in town,

College girl, facing this bottle alone,

Her friend pass the weed, and by the time she was gone

It set in within 10 minutes, but didn’t bother her none

She needed to get away, 7 sips in, and her lip

Begin to quiver, her friend knew something was wrong

But she wasn’t the type to further a conversation on,

The brown liquor looked like a mass lake of murky

Water, she stared in the bottle, and noticed it was

Almost gone, her liver not too strong, but twisted in a deadly

Dance, with fate, not even her friend was talking too much to try and relate,

On and off she spoke, slurred words out her mouth, her philosophy was

To drink the pain away, so she decided to lay back on the cold

Hard steps, and she looked up at the ceiling, time to face

Her death, not too much to gain, but a whole lot to lose,

And from that time, her friend knew she was screwed,

Stuck in a prism, she had no where to turn, but the light

There was no pain, no sense of fright, this was all

A bad dream, and hopefully she would awake from such

A starry night, the toxicology report read 0.4 deadly

Way to roll the dice, and there she was on the bed,

No infirmities, no life.

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