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Dedicated to a mental deranged person

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018




Wow, I have been called many things but never considered a frail soul. Coming from a mental deranged woman, who paraded as a man(Andre23) to throw stones at me, then as another woman for attention, reads, who has changed her names like she pop pills, who have stated she has been in therapy, states maturity is boring, and she prefers to live in Neverland, in addition, who has outlived her youth. Have the audacity to call someone a basket case, unbelievable. 

If you cannot distinguish great fiction writing, from a sense of reality then love, I think you need to get your refund from the shrink you’ve used in the past, chalk it up as therapy failure. And never any disrespect to anyone who benefits from counseling, it's just has not helped this person's mental related issues.

The only time you will ever see me laying on anyone’s couch, purging the essence of my soul, you best believe, I’m naked and there’s a naked virile man lying on top of me, and trust me, I won’t have to pay him by the hour to listen to me grip about my mundane life.

Succubus, or when you are parading as man, Incubus; don’t bring your insecurities or pettiness to my door, because they will get properly addressed, as you say love, carry on.

Love and Hugs,



Youtube; Maneater By Daryl Hall and John Oates


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