tattoos of a broken heart

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Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



Tattoo Of A Broken Heart



Spent my whole life, walking that line

Sometimes I’d fall off, whether right or wrong

Could almost always pick me up, on my own

Well, with a little help from my friends

A few people, I could always count on

And together, we would keep on, moving on


Looking for blue heaven,

Or just a little greener grass,

Somewhere closer to home

Spending most of our time,

Getting lost,

In some sad, old Country song –


Now, I never been one to take to crying,

But heartbreak, Well now, that’s one old song

I’ve found myself a-singing for so very long

Makes me question,

Should I keep on keeping on –

Whether right or wrong?


Now, there has been good times,

And God knows, there has been bad

Old Jack Daniel’s been a friend of mine

In many a rough and lonely time

Sometimes, I’ve played the fool

At the bottom of an empty glass

Sometimes, I played it cool

Even after I broke that glass –

Always a-wondering,

Whether I should go on,

Whether right or wrong?


Then In my mind, I see that picture of you

Smiling, loving, smiling

And I can see the truth, behind me and you

For I have lived all those tattoos

Stained in the faded ink

Of a Broken Heart.

© Copyright 2018 D. A. Anderson. All rights reserved.

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