Innocence’s of Sinclair

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In a society where the innocence’s of a child is treasure has taken a physically form of a mask. A girl named Lilian has this mask but as she grows up, it breaks. One day, the mask broke off her
face nd the first thing she saw was another girl who introduced herself as Sinclair. Lilian and Sinclair were friends but some unfortunate events happen when Lilian was around Sinclair. She slowly
stopped talking to her to find out that Sinclair’s would follow her everywhere she went. No matter where she was Sinclair was right behind her. When she looks in a mirror Sinclair would be on the
other side behind her. Read find out who Sinclair really is.

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Submitted: August 05, 2018

The names I chose for my characters actually relate to the theme of the story. The name meaning for Lilian means purity and “Sin” means dark and “Clair” means light (in French).
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