An Angel’s Heart In Exile III

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I will love you until the stars go out, and the tides no longer turn. Author Unknown

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018




Heaven B.C

Pearly Gates Avenue

The Next Day

“Okay Michael out with it, where have we crossed paths.”

“It’s difficult to explain.”

“The beginning works for me, and do not leave anything out, please.”

“It was centuries ago here, and on earth, years ago. It was during one of your marathons, I was your loudest cheering fan. I even promised you a tos...”


“Hello mother and father, and for you, we will finish this conversation much later.”

“I shall await for that bliss beautiful.”

“Father, mother.”

“How is the crusade coming along with this earthling.”

“Father and mother, I do believe I have succeeded; however, I’m asking myself is it worth it.”

“Whatever do you mean dear, tomorrow? You go in front of the Angel’s Head Council; your fate will be determined.”

“I am aware of this father.”

“And your mother and I went through great lengths to get that time allocated for you to remain in Heaven for these three days.”

“Father and mother, I love you two for placing the welfare of your daughter a top priority, but mother, earth at times  weighs heavily on a God giving soul. Then you have Lucifer’s presence.”

“I still say to this day, God should have permitted Archangel Michael and his league of Angels to defeat that dragon to the death.”

“Gabriel, with that concept, the world would not have progressed as we know it.”

“You’re right dear.”

“Father, other than Lucifer; who has brought one third of his Angels down to earth with him, who I must contend with daily, then you have the Incubus and Succubus attempting to drain innocent soul’s mentality as they sleep. They have a medical name for it, sleep paralysis. As an Angel, I must be one step ahead of them.

“Dear, you are a very strong and noble Angel, ordained by God to roam earth to assist mortals in any capacity, as an ordained healer and as a spiritual advisor.”

“I know mother, but sometimes the notions get distorted; on earth, there are so many blurred lines, one could lose their soul in, or become memorized by the mental daily pollution, one must breathe through each day.”

“So, what are you saying dear? And before you answer your father, is this earthling who makes your brown eyes sparkle, worth the sacrifice of losing your wings, confining you to earth for eternity.” 

“I never looked at like that father. Life on earth and in heaven is just as daunting.”

“Correction dear, life becomes complicated down there. Once you muddle through to receive your spiritual awareness and become one with the universe, then all the secrets of life shall be revealed to you.”

“Yes, sadly there is two groups on earth, the Free Masons and the Illuminati, who seems to think they have all the unlock secrets to get past God’s Pearly Gates.”

“In the meantime, I suggest you have your speech and evidence to present in regard to why you should remain in Heaven and ordained granted visits to return to earth.”

“I will. Father, I need to speak with mother privately.”

“Certainly dear, and I expect my daughter’s presence to remain in Heaven throughout eternity.”

“Thank you, father.”

“Oh dear, I recognize that uncertain look.”

“Mother, I am frightened; I have to convince, a spiritual panel I am worthy of my wings, and convince them I am in love with an earthling.”

“Well, are you?”

“No, well, not in the sense of what earth constitutes what love it; it’s more like becoming intoxicated from sipping the mental wine of such a beautiful mind. That is the only explanation in how I perceive it.”

“That seems to be the best determination to know if you truly admire a person, is the gift of their enlightened mind”

“Ooh, mother, I have to go.”

“To where?”

“To get comfort throughout the night, before my fate is determined tomorrow.”

“Take care dear.”

“I will mother, I love you.”

“God, please bless over that child, I know she means well, but is just a little naive at times.”


To Be Continued

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