Torn Heart.

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{{NOTE: The cover of this book is NOT my art! The other art covers either are mine or are credited to MediBang, or another Art Media. <3}} Ok. Ok. I know this seems odd for what I have posted so
far. But even if no one ever reads this I still want to dedicate a story for my emotions from my past love, my experiences in school, and my experiences in. Guess what? bullying. Kindergarten
through 6th grade was full of bullying, picking, teasing, name calling, anger issues, and -wait for it- Depression. Now for a 10 or 12 year old it's a possibility. But for a freaking 1st or
Kindergartener!?!? Dang. It's true though; I was bullied from Kindergarten through 6th grade. This story gives a proper emotion from my experiences, but not a true story. Just a girl who holds what
I experienced. In an older state, and a bit harder. Still; the base of this story is true.

Bullying is the worst. But it also exists.

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New School

Submitted: August 05, 2018

"Really Eileen?" Did you just say that? Probably. 'New School' for a Romance novel is actually not surprising. Generally, Romance novels have either glimpses of School, or just plain entirely
school. Well; mine is entirely over school. 1st Person character, Raven, (wow. original) is going to experience a public school in her brand new home; Ohio, She will experience the hardships of
bullying, anxiety, depression, and worst of all; bullies. Can you blame me for wanting to base this off of experiences in my own life? Nope. I needed to make a book about this, Welp. This summary
turned into practically a 'semi-chapter'
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