Time has come

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Shark Culling and Gun control have many things in common. While I chose these topics to address the underlying theme is simple, we need to make resolutions that will have a lasting and impacting
measure on our societies as a whole.

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



“Time has come”




The following is an opinion based, and should not be taken as an educational vice or media vice. It is simply to express the emotions of one author who sees the use of culling and gun control as both policies are driven straight from fear and mass panic. Part of this piece is to begin the conversation of practical policies and to help spread awareness to citizens of the world the devastating effects that far right or far left policies will create on our peaceful lands.



Ocean waves crash on the side of the vessel, a government ship sent to seek and destroy. What it's seeking to destroy, an animal that moves with grace and beauty. It lives in the ocean and calls our seas its home. Why does the government go on this seek and destroy mission of one of our earth’s most feared predator? Well put simply this creature has been painted as a monster devouring and consuming humans as if we are the intended target the entire time. Well first off on one thing, we are not a target or prey of these graceful creatures that glide in the deep. They much prefer things with fatty flesh, such as seals or well other fish. Some like sea turtles and some eat others of its own kind.


This creature has been portrayed in everything from 1970 cult classics to 2010’s comedy horror science fiction. Whether it’s raining down from a tornado or lurking off the coast of a peaceful community beach, it has been portrayed as a villainous and blood driven monster. Sharks are a natural predator and live in our oceans, yet when they strike we let fear drive our policy and laws and we strike back. Killing every shark in sight within a certain distance of our lands. Whether through subsidizing fishermen to kill these creatures or simply giving our Navy’s of many different nations the right to kill these amazing creatures.


The practice of shark culling has been used by a variety of nations from Australia to the United States. Commercial fishing kills more sharks every year than almost any other creature. They are a predator that has been around since the beginning and no thanks to the truly most destructive creation on this planet, may not be around much longer!


Many see this as a necessary act to protect our beaches, yet if I am not mistaken what gives us the right to claim the waters as our own. Nature does not abide by boundary lines or diplomacy. No, it lives by a theory that the fittest will survive and this creature has adapted to be the fittest and the fiercest creature that lives in our great blue beyond.



Next, we have a policy, that has also come from a fear, not a fear of any creature living in the sea. It’s a policy spread from the panic and extreme violence created by the instrument targeted. While guns have been around since the Dynastic cycles of China to modern day, they like the shark has evolved. They have become more accurate, firing at faster rates than ever imagined by its early creators.


We have used this instrument in the creation of democracy, fascism, communism, terrorism and its sole purpose it so sends a projectile at a rate of speed to make a sudden and devastating impact on its target.  


This has been used in times of peace and in times of war. It brought an end to horseback infantry and led to the need for more powerful and explosive weapons. It has led to the creation of some of the most and the most destructive weapons that any human could ever fathom. Used by sides of both democratic nations and by groups who chose to inflict terror for their own religious and political ideology.


Unfortunately, it is also being used to inflict mass terror in the eyes of moviegoers and students on campus around the United States and the world. We have seen these instruments used to kill innocent and guilty alike. It gunned down students at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Parkland. Yet it has also been the needed force to establish our very nation and ideals we stand for. Imagine if colonials had no way to arm themselves and sent the Deceleration of Independence to King George III. Essentially for those who don’t live or even those whom live and don’t know, we sent a letter of grievances committed by the crown toward colonial Americans. As many put it a list of stuff that we were tired of being subjected to without our voice or representation.


This instrument is the gun, aka firearm, aka led slinging instrument of death as some may call it. While its intent is to kill and that cannot be debated, it is the user that makes the choice to kill. Whether the killing is to defend your homeland and freedom or to inflict mass panic and fear, or inflict damage for your own personal cause.


Many are calling for the banning of the weapons and that we seize them and that will solve the problems, yet in countries like the UK where owning a firearm is banned on many levels, violent strikes with lead pipes, bats, knives, acid, and chains still occur. We have even seen semi-trucks used as a weapon of mass death. Yet no one calls for the banning of semi-trucks.


At the same time, controlling what type and who can get them is imperative to the protection of our future generations. Making sure that those who have committed crimes are not allowed which is the current law in the United States, or have tried to hurt themselves are given these rights on a case by case basis.


It doesn’t matter where you stand on the political spectrum, we all want to see the end of senseless mass shootings. Now my opinion and many have agreed to this saying, “ let us not focus on the instrument but the person inflicting this damage, and why they were driven or convinced to commit these atrocities.”.


In all of this, it will take great compromise and composure by both sides and all parties to see a resolution that is both practical, and that will last the test of time. Below is a letter I address all of you.

Dear World,


Though times seem tough and we see division and separation of every race, creed, sexuality identity or orientation. As families that have loved one another for years now divided over issues that have been ongoing since as long as most of us have been alive. Or these issues have just evolved from one form to another.


I say that let us unite and compromise to find a greater good in all of us. Reach deep into the very abyss of your soul and mind to find what is right and good. It takes a village to make something happen, but it will take the world to make peace an option.


When you walk down the street and see someone with a different point of view choose not to judge or ostracize them. Instead listen to their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Accept that there are many different forms of ideas and customs that different cultures, religions, and races believe.


I want everyone to take a minute, place your hand over your heart and feel it beat like the drum of progress. Then place you hand on the top of your head and realize we all have a mind, emotions and beliefs. This is the two things that every human and creature alike on our great planet shares.


So remember these words,


When we dream,

When we believe,

When we act,


We will achieve the greatest possibility of all time,




Sincerely, Achino.

© Copyright 2019 Achino. All rights reserved.

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