behind a smile

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behind a smile is a short story about a girl, that always smiles and gives the best of her even if she always fails, she knows that even if her past is cruel and cold there are people that are warm
and kind, and that somewhere there is a place where she is understood and that there is a place where there is no more ned to fake a smile, to hide your pains and be criticised.

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Chapter 1 The first fake smile. 

Fake smiles always around, sometimes you notice them but other times... They are invisible... You never know who is so damaged and is looking for help, screaming inside trying to hide their pains.. But pain is something we have to learn to live with... Everyone has their pains, everyone has there story, and this is the story of a sweet girl that at a young age her life got ruined. Like they once said there is always fire where there is humanity.

This is my story.

I was born in Mexico City in 2004, my name is Elisbeth Aragon, Im a lonley child i dont have brothers or sisters, and my mother was always to bussy with her work, so i was raised by other women, sometimes id see my mother, in dinner or when we ate, normally i never really saw her.. My father... I dont remember anything at all, I had a truama when i was young... They took me to doctors, they gave me medicine... To the point i forgot everything... And sometimes i thought that my mother hated to be around me cause she felt sorry for me... That damaged and broked me... When i went to kinder... I hated having people around me so i started to act in a wrong way so they once more took me to the doctors, they gave me a medicine to control me and thenmore medicine and more and more and more!.... I coulnt take it any more, at the age of 6 i had an attack, my brain stopped working, i coulnt move, i coulnt talk... At least i could think, my mother took me to the hospital where they gave me an ingection, when i woke up i started to walk soon my body was fine, and i was glad my brain was working just fine once more, i looked up and saw the sky... But once more i forgot everything... Sometimes ihave some flash backs... But memories, hah thats just one of my wishes... Time passed i started learning things and got friends, for some time everything felt fine, everything was color pink.... But good moments dont always last forever.... My grandma was sick she was dying... And i didnt understood what was going on, i didnt thought that i would loose her forever, she was always there making me laugh and taking careof me, she never thought iwas a bad person she never felt sorry for me, she understood everything... Once i remember i was sitting on a camping chair next to the fire it was my birthday... When suddenly my grandma came up to me and hugged me, she slowly gave me a doll... At that time i realised i was loosin her, she smiled at me and said "Im always here, even if you cant see me, ill always be there". I was confused but something deep inside was darwning me in thoughts... When we left i found a small botton on the left hand of the doll... When i pressed it a song started playing "Twinkle little star". Tears scrolled down my face i didnt knew why it just hurt, like if it was a messege that something bad was going to happen..... And it did. A few days later my mother called me and said "dress in black and come to your grandmas house" my smile disapeared i couldnt understand why.... I went to my grandmas home and saw my tow aunts and my mother sitting down starring at me, i stared back and saw them... From that day everything changed. A few months later my mother took me on a vacation, tehre i met tow boys, i didnt knew that dose tow boys would become my worst error and my last deception. Time later i fell for a boy, his smile and his arms hugging me for sometime everything was beautiful, the perfect beach, the perfect sky, and the perfect day. Time later he started being cold and cruel...  I couldnt understand how someone that was always so nice and carrying for you would do that... But guess life has her chapters. Years passed i turnned 13, that boy introduced me to his friends, they where all so sweet, they were always carrying and joking around, i still remember those days where everything was again all sweet and kind i felt happy... And i thought they did as well. The next day a boy came, his black hair, and his black eyes sparkling and gazing, his face showed a past that no one knew.. He waved with a smile, and with a cold voice said to me "Hi..." i responded and saw how he started playing volleyball with the others, i sitted in the sand cause it was impossible for me to even hold a ball, then all of them took a turn to show me how to play.. When it came to that boy, "whats your name?" i asked, he smiled and said "Andrey" i smiled back and said "Elisbeth". After a while we started talking about what we liked, we ended up having a lot in common, the next day i excitedly hopped for him to come but he didnt, so the next day i waited, and the next one, and the next one, ontyl it was my time to go, i said goodbye to everyone and left with a smile, i knew that i had to do something but i didnt knew what it was. One night i messeged one of the boys and asked if he could pass me Andreys phone, he did, we started talking andbecame friends... I started falling for him, and when i tried to tell he said, "Please tell you dont feel something for me" "why?" i asked scared "cause i have alredy someone" Tears scrolled down my cheeks and i texted, "Just kidding how would i feel something" "you scared me haha", one week passed and the girl he was with left him, he told me. We started talking more and more and more, and i said "I like you" he said "On this days i noticed that i feel the same way... I like you too"... Thats how it started, he asked me out and i said i needed to think and then time later i asked the same thing, and we started going out... I was happy, the next vacations came and i begged my mother to let me go with my aunt just to see him... I didnt had a good realationship with her and i was glad, she was a slefish, mean and a fake person, when i came she started juddging the way i eated, how i slept, what i did, wat i said even my expressions, and then i saw him, he entered and we stared at each other, he gently sitted down and carresed my head, my heart beated so fast and my pupils went small and big every time i saw him, weeks passed, when wewent to an old building, we started talking about our life and the things we loved to do, when we hugged, i gently looked up to him and closed my eyes, when i realised our lips were touching, the kiss lasted for 1 minute... Long time... When i came back home no one asked or cared... I took a bath and slept, the next day we went to the beach, adn looked at the sea. A dew days later there was a birthday party that one of our friends organized, so we decided to meet, slowly we went to the beach and lookd at the night sky, once more our lips touched. that night he said something that i will never forget... "We help people and do things for them cause we dont want them to feel the pain we once felt... But we need time for ourselves, to heal our wounds.. And that time i want to spend it with you. I love you".... Time passed we became more united and more. But i had to go back, i holded the necklase he gave me and left, for the fisrt time i knew i didnt left nothing that i needed to do... For once i thought.. That i had done everything i needed to do.. I smiled and closed my eyes... But i knew that my story was just starting and i had a lot of things to do, i looked at the sky and smiled, "this is not the end, this is just the beginning".


The end... To be cotinued 

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