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Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



Star band silence

of a night composer ,

the view of Mars

never seemed closer .

Watch as the highway

illuminates my way ,

to the telescope field

where astronomers gaze .

She gravitates love

and consumes my heart ,

in the backdrop of moon

is the sound of a harp.

Stealth of a thief

as light as the wind ,

that whispers through my ears

and through my feelings within.

Somewhere the dipper

is pouring out ,

it's essence of madness

obsessions about.

Taste the dream

alive and keen ,

senses of control

far out of reach.

Watch as the highway

glistens the dark ,

the sole destination

to the field of hearts.

Souls above

the sound of an organ ,

the pipes and tones

carry us from orbit.

Taste the tension

in the faces of expression,

cutting through

with eyes of discretion.

Somewhere Pluto

grows a little colder ,

while the view of Mars

never seemed closer.

Watch as the highway

and love illuminates ..

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