Raiders at the Gates

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I eagerly pushed forward again as I heard her moan. My hands were also busy at work, determined to please her as much as possible.

"Yes, that's good. I love it, I love it!" Emma whispered.

My panting intensified as I felt my own excitement build up.

"Good. I want you to feel good. I'm so happy you feel good."

Her warmth mingled with the pleasure I felt as I finally climaxed. I sank my face in her chest as I panted in relief.

"That was wonderful." Emma said. "I love you so much! So, so much!"

Following that, she unleashed an aggressive volley of kisses to my face, which I gladly accepted.

"You're so warm." I muttered as I tightened my hold on her. "So comfy."

"You're being such a baby right now. That's good. I'm glad I'm the only one you're so childish to."

"I know." I said and kissed her.

"I'm still not sure it was a good idea though. We do have a mission tomorrow." Emma said with a giggle.

"We'll be fine. Let me put it this way. Now that we've reaffirmed our love for each other, we won't be distracted by those feelings on the job."

"Well, I don't know about that. I always find it hard to resist you."

"Glad to hear it."  said and kissed her. "Now come on, let's go to bed."

"Hmm, okay." Emma said with a smile.


Yes, another Spirit Maiden was activated in New Haven. An unassuming Yale undergraduate had awakened to her ability to change both the winds around her and the moods of anyone within a 10-mile range.

In other words, her essence was an invaluable find for the CEN Harvesters. And having built up quite a name for herself as a budding indie darling, she was due to perform her solo debut in concert. Where she would be completely out in the open and exposed.

Apparently, Mallister and his "diplomats" were already negotiating their own deal with this girl, who went by the name "Saorise". Of course, we planned on snagging her essence from right under their noses, and preferably just do away with the diplomats altogether if possible. Collateral damage would certainly be a necessity for this mission, something that I had a little more misgivings about than Emma.

We both dressed up for the mission together, with me personally pulling on her uniform, and she doing the same to me. While she had her usual skintight gear, I was fitted with an exoskeleton that made me resemble those Mechazoids of theirs.

"I do wonder. Do you think Charon Industries will try something?" I muttered as I finished fitting her up.

"No." she smiled and kissed me. "They're no longer a credible threat, Ryder. Us Harvesters are the ones who'll truly unleash the full potential of the Spirit Maidens' powers!"

"Well, I'll take your word for it." I chuckled and kissed her, as she began to help me into the exoskeleton. "I can't wait for the celebration when this is all over!"

It didn't take to long for the Harvester team to fly out to the venue where the concert was underway on our outfitted jetpacks. However, we did face an unexpected hurdle.

"What that Operative Thirteen?" the Squad Leader muttered.

Another exoskeleton standing in our way, with armaments seemingly grafted onto its exposed skin, was staring us down.

"Yes..." Kara, or Phi, muttered while sizing him up. "I don't know why he's-AAAH!"

Suddenly, a bright beam emanated from one of the guns, scattering our formation.

"My mission parameters have changed. I'm afraid you'll have to accept my resignation." a man's voice muttered.

"Change of plans, team!" the Squad Leader said. "Take this bastard down!"

"Yes ma'am!" we all said in unison.

However, he was a tricky bastard, having mastered a mysterious forcefield attack that sent a sizeable chunk of the squad to the round, where the were forced to deploy emergency backup thrusters for safe landing.

Emma quickly plugged into the comms and yelled, "We have a problem, send reinforcements now!"

However, the response to that was...less than reassuring.

"I'm sorry, the number you've dialed cannot be reached at tis time." A familiar voice blurted out.

"Wait, Declan?" I said, remembering him as the blond dude from the party last month. "The hell are you doing here?"

"Oh, decided to accept the offer from Mallister. You know, for the greater good, balance of power, etcetera. Nothing personal, man."

"Jesus, mercs can be fickle bastards."

"Well, true, though I am truly glad to see you two settle down. You make a really cute couple"

"Fan out, fan out!" the Squad Leader yelled, as we scattered about to attack the rogue Agent from all angled. Thankfully, he couldn't surviv being outnumbered for long and his defenses fell.

"Heh, not so hot are you?" the Captain said, leveling her gun and pulling the trigger.

We then launched a merciless assault on the civilians at the University who got in our way, not to mention that our successful extraction of Saoise's essence basically wrecked an entire campus building. Fortuitously, we could then finally go home and celebrate in peace. Indeed, Emma leapt onto me almost immediately after we finally docked.


P.S. Emma here. Just wanted to say how much I fucking love you, Ryder. So glad I got to take you to work today!


Submitted: August 07, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Pulak Km. All rights reserved.

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