The Rain

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A guy talks about the best day of his life...but everything is seemingly going wrong.

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



She was always yelling at me about my hours, how I'd never spend enough time with her, or her kids. Funny, really, how the hours she "couldn't" spend with me, were spent in the arms of someone else. It's amusing, in its own little way, how the day she decided to leave me for never having enough time, is the day I lose my job, and now have all the free time in the world. I have even more free time besides, now that the wedding isn't happening. Which means all that money I was saving up is now mine too, cause she sure as hell didn't want to work.


It's such a perfect day for it, too. The rain is pattering down, covering everything in a blanket of water. God, I love rainy days. I used to get in trouble for it back when I was a kid, standing out in downpours, stomping in puddles. Shame I have to drive in it, though. Ah well. I'll just roll down the windows, and... Huh. Car won't start. Looks like I get to walk after all. Might not be good for this toe, though, but that's a minor thing. Already been to the doc about it. Job had to pay the bills, cause that certainly wasn't my fault. I told that dumbass the load wasn't secured. Didn't expect them to fire me for it, though. Joke's on them, anyway. Idiot made the mistake of telling me I was fired for "unsafe work practices". I have all the documentation I need for a wrongful termination suit. Just gotta head on home, and call up Steve. He'll be eager as hell to get some cash from these assholes. We've been joking about it for years.


Really, though, do I have to head home right now? Steve can wait until tomorrow. I can just leave the car here for now, call up a tow truck for it later. It's a beautiful day, I'm soaking wet, and feeling great. All things considered, this is by far, the best day of my life. I don't think I've ever felt freer than this moment. Nobody to tie me down, and enough cash in the bank to not have to care for a long time. Let's go for a walk. Just me, and this rain. Like the good old days. Before I knew what life was like as an adult. Let's be a kid again, just for today.

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