I Loved a Broken Man

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Dedicated to my lover who passed away Feb 28, 2018, just 8 days before our sweet daughter Willow was born. In loving memory of the immense love we shared, the darkness of our pain & the gratitude
of the lessons learned.

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



I loved a broken man. I stitched up his shattered heart. I resounded his mind, but only temporarily reached the depths of his soul. I healed his emotional wounds, but could not remove his scars.


I loved a broken man, who had a crooked smile, with a laugh like a little child. Who’s childhood was dark and heavy, but the light of his innocence still remained. 


I loved a broken man, who was hurt by another. Who hurt another in return, & lost the ones who he loved the most. Who escaped that world and came into my existence, for the love and healing he longed for. 


I loved a broken man. He was the best kind of man. Though he was broken, he loved like there was no such thing as pain. The strength he had to love me was incomprehensible; How could a broken man love so strong? How could his heart still contain love, when he had carried so much pain? 


I loved a broken man, who amazed me everyday. Who no matter what we went through, never held a grudge, nor forsaked me, who loved me unconditionally, & forgave quickly. Who put my needs before his own, who put me before anything else. 


I loved this broken man, who’s spirit and heart was vulnerable. His heart was soft and calm, patient & kind. He never showed his pain. This broken man ripped open my heart, made me fall to my knees, showed me how to surrender to his love and how to let it all in. This broken man showed me the true meaning of love, & how to give it freely. He showed me what I deserved from a man. 


This broken man was the best lover and friend. He was the best partner any woman could have asked for. This broken man taught me what it means to be truly loved, & I would rather have loved this broken man, than a man with everything put together. This broken man gave me life. I have no regrets loving this man. 


How can a broken man be the best man for me? How can someone with scars and deep pain love the hardest? The mysteries of love and life, how pain breeds more strength. Hate breeds more love. Suffering breeds more appreciation. 


This broken man left this world leaving me the greatest love I have ever known. So much that everything I do, every breath I take, will be to honor him for the rest of my life. To return this love and live through him, while he lives through me. I will always love this broken man. 


I adore this broken man, beyond this world into the next. I will never love another man, like I love this beautiful perfectly imperfect broken man.

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