Forget Me Not

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A love balled echoes the soft strings of a musical heart

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018





Comfort thy head on my bosom, lay upon me

No rainbow arch given for all eyes to see

Empty awaited arms

No blanket provided, hugs, no warmth

A chance with a slow moving dance

Such a fragile romance

To steal my breath away, no lingering tender kiss

Two souls connected, no last minute tender reminisce

Soul laid bared, no gentle sailing inside a butter rum abyss

Yet alone, streaks of desires continues to roam

Echoes of silence heard from such a far away home

Is this the fate of destiny to build sand castles of love

Ordained and blessed as it descends from above

The parody of emotions over cast

A beautiful current of words to swim in, would they, could they ever last

What am I doing here to want such blind blissful needs

Declined midnight pleasure that deemed to please, tease, bring me to my knees

Can you set my mind on a cloud where my spirit floats free

Two attuned minds, heartfelt poems, such memorizing words I give unto you

Bathe me with raw emotions in silence, which comes with the enticing woo

The cadence of the minds, bodies sinking in its passionate engulfing flow

Effortlessly felt as the winds blow

Forget me not

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