What It's Like to Be an Artist

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Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



What It’s Like to Be an Artist

(For Those Who Have Not Yet Opened Their Eyes or Minds)



It’s having to further expand the meaning behind each scene, page, and first layer of paint, to those who are still wading in shallow waters.

It’s telling your friends all the details of an event because they had only been focusing on the focal point and didn’t see the entire picture.

It’s finding the perfect shades of color in every corner you turn and wishing to take a mental picture in order to hunt the color down later and use it in one of your paintings someday.

It’s constantly looking at things from different angles and perspectives because it has become a natural instinct.

It’s having pastel smudges and dried up paint splattered on your skin long after you left the studio.

It’s never understanding how people make it through life without art.

It’s choosing to defend fellow artists who choose to express themselves with tattoos, vibrant hairstyles, and piercings because your family members always seem to have a negative remark to make about them.

It’s lingering a few moments longer than the crowd, in an art gallery, fixating on it until you feel satisfied.

It’s carrying a sketchbook with you everywhere to jot down ideas, thoughts, or draw a quick sketch of something that has caught your eye.

It’s staying modest when the person in class goes “so-and-so is good at art! They should be the one to draw on our poster” because there’s a time and place for when you feel mentally prepared to do art, and that is NOT when it’s on command.

It’s hiding behind writing and paintings so that you are still able to express yourself.

It’s learning that those closest to you will always be your harshest critics.

It’s secretly knowing you’ll be thanking them in years to come.


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