To Nowhere in Particular

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Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



To Nowhere in Particular 
Regina had begun to click her heels on the ground, sending an incessant echo throughout the train cart. A sly smile emerged onto her face as she saw the man out of the corner of her eye begin to twitch and sigh heavily. The little girl in front of her would not stop looking back. “Hasn’t your mother taught you any lessons by now? It’s rude to stare,” Regina just couldn’t help herself. The little girl’s eyes widened as she drew her legs closer to her body and tugged at her braids, turning back around. The train cart began to sway from side to side. Regina drew her maroon lipstick from her coat pocket and began applying it. 




A sudden jolt sent everyone flying forwards. Regina’s lipstick was now unpleasantly smeared across her face. She growled and reached for her pocket mirror. The lights had gone out on the train cart. Babies cried, women huffed and puffed about their, now messy, hair. “What on earth--” Regina pulled herself up from the ground, grabbing whatever was closest to her. The lights flickered back on, just enough for everyone to get their eyes adjusted to their surroundings. 


Drip, drip, drip.


The source of the sound seemed to come from Regina’s left. She turned to find the man who was sitting next to her, now draped over the seat, blood oozing from different parts of his dark figure. “Somebody call 911, now!” Regina shrieked, throwing herself as far from the man as she could. The man laid lifeless, slumping further and further down into the seat. Regina staggered back and clutched her face. The cries and yells of the others on the train increased as they all stared at the man in horror. “There’s no service!” cried another women on the train, as she held her phone up as high as she could reach. The lights went dim once again and the train car still had not budged. 




The lights flickered on, revealing the girl’s braided hair that was now twisted around her neck, body sprawled onto the floor. Her eyes had rolled back into her head and her mom draped herself over her as if creating a blanket of comfort for her, now, dead daughter. In between howls of crying she mustered, “Someone do something, please don’t let this happen. Please.” It was clear no one knew what to do, they clutched their phones, looking down every few seconds as if service would suddenly be regained any moment now. They had all huddled together in the corner of the train, attempting to get as far away from the two dead bodies as possible. Children were drawn into their parents, desperate to keep them from the exposure of such a grim situation. The mother remained clung to her daughter, shaking her, and bawling her eyes out. The lights completely went dead. 


Chug, chug, chug.


The train sent Regina flying backwards as it began to start moving again. She then clasped her hand around the train door handle but it wouldn’t move. She peered through the window to try and see the neighboring cart but it appeared to be pitch black.  She increased her grip on the pole next to her and held her hand to her heart. The lights came back on and the automated safety instructions of the train began. Regina sighed of relief and turned around. The rest of those who were huddled together were now on the floor in a pool of blood. Regina felt her heart begin to race as the putrid smell of death engulfed the entire train cart and she drew a shortness of breath. Suddenly, she, too, collapsed onto the ground among the others and the light of the train cart soon faded away completely.


Drip. drip. drip.


The train, shortly after, approached the next stop. A woman at the stop quickly boarded the train and hurried over to the first train conductor she could find. “Excuse me, sir. Where is this train headed, exactly?” The train conductor smirked.


“To nowhere in particular.”

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