Let Me

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When you say that, I just break a little. Let me help

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



When you said no one cares

As you lifted the knife


When you whisper:

Just make it through today


I break a little

A ripple through my soft heart


Can't you see?

Everyone loves you


Can't you see I'm here?

Can't see I'm not blind?


I see through your mask

I see the real you

I see your golden aura


Why won't you let me in?

Why wont you let me heal you?


When you said No one was there 

When you needed them most 


When you are alone

 the whispers say 

you need a shoulder to cry on


I've been here 

I'll stay here


I know you'll come in time



Everytime you cry

Evertime you whisper

Everytime you hurt


I feel it 

I break

I want to heal it 


Let me in!

Let me do this for you!


Why wont you see?

Why can't you see 


I need to devote myself to someone


You are who I've choosen 


So please...


Let me ease your pain

Let me be your shoulder

Let me be there

Let me care


You are worth more

You are worthy of kindness


Please let me help


I will be there

I will be here 






For your word





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