Dirty Hands

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a caged in battlefield with all four bases.

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



Dirty Hands


He tried to play.

Stepping up to the bloody plate with a bat in hand.

Eyes set on a perfect hit.

She stood there, battle gear on and her heart in her hands.

Muscles flexing all at once as adrenaline spikes.

Batter up.

Metal cuts through the air like a knife.

Her heart sours towards unknown odds.

His brow furrows, menace gleaming bright.

Her eyes close tight.

Chest aching and waiting for the pain to make its way to her.

Did she throw enough with her wrist?

Was her power level accurate?

Was he going to make the hit?

Thunder crashes in the skies above them as blood splatters across her face.

Chalk white dirt now tainted with battle wounds.

Chainmail covering battered bodies.

The bat clangs to the ground.

She looks him in the eye with a bloody smile on her beautifully bruised face.

A home run through hollowed hearts.

Dirty hands clap in the stands for his job well done.







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