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At a very young age, as I left the path and taking a proactive approach to a tension between the known and the unknown. I always try to remind myself that I will not compromise my truth no matter
how futile the effort I have put, by challenging myself to consciously translate the rare and complex experience of my senses and its implication in the world of forms. With my body - acts as a
vessel, a link between two worlds to build bridges and open gateways to that beauty which is reflected in my inner-world that has been deteriorating.

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



The radiant blade - greet his eyes as it shines
Held steadily at his throat - crystallized

From the stench of tears
The vultures too have shed pity
For each blessing on his lips is a reign of fears

It has sharpened his voice:

Of a world deaf to my call
I drew myself against the tide
Let the spirit rest amid the past


Without a heart - without affright 
Upon your demise, my hands trembled in despise
His soul penetrate the raging skies

Travel beyond the farthest star
Out of celestial sight
Yet pale he lay - the solid flesh never go away
like a cloven carcass in the night

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