Digimon Adventure 03

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You know, at the end of season two i was really disappointed how the kids of the Digidestined didn't get any show of their own. So here I am creating one. I hope you enjoy!

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



Its morning, August 5th 2031. Sunny .




Hinata calls as she is rummaging through her drawers.  The sun is shining through the glass door that leads onto her deck.


“Do you remember where I put it?”


She throws all her clothes on the bed making a huge mess.


“I haven’t seen it dear! I can’t believe you misplaced it again!”


Her mother( Yolei) calls from downstairs.


“I am sure you won’t have any trouble without it anyway. It seems like a nice day today. Why don’t you come down and have breakfast before you leave.”


Hinata groans and stomps downstairs.


“You know I’ve never left home without it. I would be in big trouble if something happened!”


The camera pans over to the table where someone is sitting reading a newspaper. Patamon’s head wings can be seen behind the paper. She lifts her head up.


“You’ll be fine Hinata. After all, your digivice can’t fight the bad guys like I can.”


Patamon flies over to hinata and lands on her shoulder.


“Yeah, but the digivice gives us a better chance at winning.”


Hinata says as she pokes Patamon’s nose.


“Well, Hinata, I am sure you won’t be running into any rouge Digimon today. Besides, you can’t even bring Patamon to school in the first place, so having your digivice would be pointless.”


“But mom. I promise I’ll keep ‘er hidden! She’ll stay in my bag I swear!”


Hinata pleads hugging Patamon in her arms.

Yolei sighs and starts wiping down the table where Patamon was eating.


“I’ve told you both many times… You cant bring your digimon to school because the….”


Hinata cuts in


“Government doesn’t allow anyone to own a Digimon and Patamon must remain a secret… I know I know. But really, mom, they aren’t even that dangerous so I don’t get why it’s illegal.”


Yolei squeezes out the rag and drys her hands on a towel.


“Well, since people started using the Digimon for crime they have been outlawed… so we can’t risk being found out so you’ve got to listen, okay?”


Hinata sighs and sets patamon on the table. She pats her head.


“Okay. I understand. But it’s still unfair.”


Patamon flies up onto Hinata’s shoulder and smiles.


“ It’s okay Hina. I’ll see you after school anyways. It’s not forever, after all!”


Hinata inhales and straightens her back.


“You’re right Patamon. They can’t separate us permanently!”


Hinata sits down at the table and Patamon flys down beside her.


“Now, hurry up and eat your breakfast and get going or you’ll be late!”


Yolei insisted as she handed her a bowl of rice with fish on top. Hawkmon walks out of a bedroom rubbing his eyes.


“ Good Morning… yawn”


The camera zooms out of the house and pans over to the school. There are a few students walking on the campus before school starts. The Camera Focuses on Aaron who is sitting on the side of the building in the shadow of the wall. He has a backpack in his lap.


“I’m not sure this was a good idea…”


Aaron says looking around anxiously. The backpack opens a bit more to show what’s inside. It’s Mikemon.


“Of course was a good idea! You could never know when a Digimon would attack. And now I can protect you!”


Mikemon points to himself proudly standing up in the bag.


“ Well sure… but someone could see you! And then who knows what could happen? They could take you from me!”


Mikemon looks unamused.


“ Sure they could kid. But only IF they catch us.”


He smirks and jumps out of the bag.


“Wait! What are you d-”


Arron whisper shouts. Mikemon hushes him with his finger to his own mouth.


“Now, I’ll make sure the coast is clear. You keep up. Got it?”


Mikemon jumps out of the shadows and runs at full speed away from Aaron.

Aaron jumps up and starts chasing but stops.


“Wait! Mikemo-”


He stops himself from shouting Mikemon’s name aloud as a group of students walk by.


“ Not again….”


Aaron says as he runs in the direction Mikemon went.

Camera goes to Mikemon. He is still running.


“ Finally! I got rid of that loser. Gosh it feels great to be out of that stuffy bag. Fresh air for miles!”


Mikemon runs up a big tree inside the school grounds and lays on one of its branches.


“This is how Digimon should live! Not cooped up in some human house. Wild and free. Noth’n less!”


Mikemon closes his eyes and falls asleep. Hinata is seen walking to the school building in the background. The camera focuses on her.  


“Yeeesh! It’s too hot. I don’t think i can make it….”


Hinata drags her feet, literally melting away. Suddenly she spots Aaron he is sitting on the ground by a tree.

Hinata speaks up from across the field.


“Hey! Aaron! Whatcha doing!?”


She walks over to him and notices he looks sad and is holding his digivice in his hand.


“Hey.. You okay?”


Hinata asked a little more quiet.


Aaron ,startled, looks up at Hinata and frowns


“Well no... I -uh- just  … have a problem…”




This is where the Digikids eat lunch together. The room is empty besides the two kids.

Hinata jumps out of her chair.




Aaron looks up from his lunch, barely eaten. Her says quietly:


“ Well, It’s a long story. But long story short, Mikemon convinced me to take him in my bag to school with me… and the moment he had the chance he took off..”


Aaron looks down.


“I’m afraid he doesn’t want to be my partner any more.”


Hinata leans over the table.


“No! No! Im sure he likes you as his partner! He must’ve had a different reason!”


Aaron looks up at her with a sparkle of hope in his eyes.


“I hope you’re right, Hinata. But meanwhile he’s out there doing who knows what, who knows where… I don’t want him to be taken away from me… ”

Hinata grabs his arm


“And he won’t be. We’ll find him, you’ll see!”


Eric walks into the room carrying his bag over his shoulder.


“Hey guys..”


He says in an indifferent tone, setting his bag on the table and blowing his hair out of his face.




Aaron and Hinata say in unison.




Mikemon is terrorizing a small bird’s nest. The mother bird is chirping and flying frantically


“HEy! Cut it out! I’m Only trying to eat your eggs!”


Mikemon is about to eat an egg when a crash is heard nearby.


“That don’t sound good”


Mikemon hops out of the tree and looks around. He spots a large portal like figure. Mikemon gasps.


“That’s gotta be the Digiworld! It’s my lucky day!”


Mikemon starts sprinting towards the portal.




Eric sits down in a chair on the opposite side of the room and unzips his bag. Floramon’s head pops out of the bag.

“Hey-! You brought Flor-!”


Hinata yelled surprised. Eric cuts her off


“Yes my mom makes me bring him everyday. It’s such a bother…”


Hinata is staring in amazement. Her food drops out of her chopsticks and lands on the ground.


“Ahh. Lucky!”


Floramon hops out and sits next to eric by his chair.


“I come so I can protect you Eric. You know that.”


Eric looks at floramon


“There aren’t even any digimon trying to attack me so what’s the point? It’s unnecessary, and so is this Digivice.”


Floramon looks down sad as Eric stars eating his lunch.

Aaron looks up from his lunch.


“Oh, Hinata, that reminds me.”


Aaron starts rummaging through his bag.


“You Left your Digivice at my house yesterday. I’ll bet you were worried.”


Aaron hands her the Digivice and Hinata squeals for joy.


“OH! Thank you! I was looking for it everywhere!  I am so glad it’s not lost!”


She hugs the Digivice tight to her body. Suddenly a beam of light shines from the screen of Arron’s Digivice and a loud high pitched scream is emitted.


Aaron, Hinata, and Eric look over in surprise. The noise gets louder and louder.


“What the-”


Hinata says. Suddenly the light stops and the room goes silent. The three kids gather together and look at Aaron’s Digivice


“Wha- What was that?”


Aaron asks nervously. The digivice’s screen was now only showing static.


“Great, you broke it.”


Eric says while walking back to his seat. A whimper is heard from the corner of the room.


Eric walks over and investigates… he sees Floramon curled up as if he is hiding.




Eric says uncertain.

The Digimon is shivering with his eyes closed. He has pixel disruptions all over his body.


“Floramon!Snap out of it!”


Eric grabs floramon’s shoulders and shakes him. Floramon looks up at Eric still holding him.


“That was scary… It almost caught me…”


Floramon is still quivering.


“What did?”


Aaron asks


Floramon buries his head.


“The darkness…. It was so dark… dark and cold….very”


“What the heck is that supposed to mean.”


Eric says as he stands up and walks away.


“But I think I’ll be okay…”


Floramon explains trying to stand. Aaron helps Floramon to his feet and keeps him steady.


“Well If you’re fine now, I’ve gotta go to class. Get in  my bag Floramon.


Floramon walks as fast as his shaky legs can take him to Eric’s bag and hops in.


“Wait Eric! Why are you leaving!? We need to figure out what happend!”

Hinata explained grabbing his arm to stop him.


“Yeah! Something happened with Floramon! Don’t you want to help him?”


Aaron says from behind Hinata.

Eric glares at the two kids. He turns towards the door.


“Why do you care, he isn’t your Digimon. He Said he’s Fine.”


Hinata and aaron exchange looks. Hinata keeps hold of Eric’s arm. Eric looks down at Floramon in his bag.


“Fine, You take care of him if you think he needs it. I’ve got classes to attend.”


Eric picks up Floramon and hands him to Hinata. Hinata cradles the Digimon. Floramon looks sad from his partner’s betrayal. Eric Exits.


© Copyright 2018 Annie DIGIDESTINED. All rights reserved.

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