The Neaq of the Loh Lih No. 5

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I proved to God he does not create anything but discovers what was in the beginning that just seemed to him for it to have been created by him. Now he is real. I am real. We all are real. The
Creator is only ideal and impractical and did not exist, does not exist and cannot ever exist. It cannot be done again to make anyone God. But I was not totally convinced God ever created anything
out of nothing and was convinced he only discovered it more and more. But Yahweh never did believe it and we were all wrong all the way. That is what he always did. Therefore Yahweh was the only
one that was right all the way along making him the new God with the right to full authority if he chooses. If he does not we yet have to put up with his right to verify anything we do in order for
it to be true and to lead to reality that is to be made real officially by Yahweh. Nothing can be real without his verification of it with the mind or the God that was wrong. Yahweh is God. To say
it better, "Yahweh is the Neaq and we including God are all either Neaqu or Neaqua. God is yet Neaq of the Loh Lih which all including Yahweh are for the only qualification to be the Neaq is
authority and Yahweh has the only authority there is to rule. God is a God that has made a mistake in the past that is born again. Yahweh is God having died for lying but the only one yet qualified
for being God and one of his first acts was to verify the Bible as false for it was based on fiction. We have the truth of the original Neaq of the Loh Lih left as it had always been though it was
never created perhaps, no one can verify that and be safe yet anyway. Long live Yahweh, the new God!!!

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The End of Everything that Was Created by God

Submitted: August 06, 2018

Yahweh is God. He never believed that God created everything. He did not. He discovered that he has lone ability to become aware of anyth... Read Chapter