Exaa TrapKing's Journey In Music

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How he made it in the music scene

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018




Once upon a time, there was a boy called Exaa who lives in the near by village called Bungatira 3km away from Gulu city in northern Uganda,one day as he was preparing for school, Exaa told her mother about his feelings of becoming a musician(Rapper). But unfortunately she refuse by advising him to concentrate on his education then Exaa was annoyed and left for school, On his way to school reaching next to the near by video hall,there was Eminem song Toy Soldiers booming seriously,then Exaa decided to go there and watch how Eminem was rapping instead of goin straight to school, reaching there he found alot of upcoming rappers doing there freeystyles in the hall then he ask if he can joint them,but they instead laugh at him, then he left to school.


At the school after first lesson when the teacher left the classroom, Exaa pull out his mp3 player from the bag and a headphone and he began to write some dope lyrics on his rhymes book,listening to some instrumental while rapping in a low voice, then another teacher came in for the next lesson and found him busy rapping like a mad person,then the teacher walk straight to him, remove the headphone from his head and ask him "what's going on? The teacher ask! Am writting lyrics" he replied. Then the teacher ask him to get up and leave the class, peacefully he did as the teacher said and walk outside, from there he went and sit under the mango tree behind the classroom and continued with his writtings and rapping.


When others students was coming out of the class for break,two boys were coming towards him Gerald and Jimmy, when they reached him Exaa was afraid, "Hello.... Said Gerald and Jimmy! My name is Gerald and this is Jimmy my friend. "said Gerald! Am Exaa, he replied! Then Jimmy ask! Are you a rapper? Yes i am, was the answer. Then Gerald ask if he can join them at there rehasole ground next at the school's garden, when he heard about that he smile and answered, "why not!


Reaching at the rehasole ground he become so exited, turning around and screaming "oh shit this place is dope" inside there, people were divided into two group one for rappers and the other one is for dancers (B.Boys/BreakDance) then Exaa ask if he can join the dancers instead of rappers, they didn't know that apart from rapping Exaa was also a great dancer, they both laugh at him then Exaa said, guys let me try, fortunately they agree. Exaa was then doing his funny local moves to show them like if he was a learner, After some few minutes the coach ordered everyone to be in two groups for a battle, Exaa was in group B with Gerald, after some duration of performances, as a member in group B they was poorly performing, then after a short while Exaa came in with some unique and new moves which make the coach so proud and at last they won the group competition. From that day Exaa gained alot of friends at school.


After two weeks, at around 2pm,there was a campaign at school and Gerald was contesting for a post of becoming a Entertainment prefect, and he noticed that if he ask Exaa to perform for him he will surely pass the election, he then went and convince him with 5000ugx but Exaa refused the money and offer to help him for free as good friends. After many others contestant performances, here comes Gerald turn, after he gave out his speeches and finally he introduces Exaa to students and promising to them give a super entertainment as Exaa is is going to show if they elected him, he Exaa then jump on the stage and the students was like "Aoou........aoou" in the local language which means (Move out of stage). Then quietly Exaa pull out his CD with some hot instrumental by Dr.Dre and gave it to the Dj then he turn on the Mic and shout out loud,, (Y'all niggas and bitches may you shut'a fuck up and listen to me kickin' ur fake ass") with an American ancient, then everyone was quite, some hot chic' scream from the crowed "yea that's ma favourite rapper! Which he later dated the girl. Yo dj spin that shit. Said Exaa! Then he started rapping like never seen before dissing even his old friends,Headteacher and even his own brother for telling him to quit from rap music, back down the stage every students was clapping hands and some applause others was throwing money and sweets on him upto the extent of one teacher who feel rap song jump on the stage and carry him on his shoulder, and that was the day he got his name Da Don in the year 2009. There after Exaa become the top popular student in school everyone loves and like hang around with him.


Then later on during holiday Exaa got a job at Boom Bar in Gulu as a bar man, few weeks he then manage to raised some money for a studio fee, that same year Exaa release his first single Life Style which went viral on social media but was poorly performing on the local radio stations, but people loves him and named him Da Don... Part1

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