Sword Of The Holy Land

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The third crusade was a subject of many films, novels, and so much more. It was also my favorite moment in history and deserves a piece in its own right.

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



 Knights of the cross


Fighting without a loss

Unite our armies to honour our Lord

Faith in our cause and my sword


Holy land, we are marching on

To camp at night and besiege at dawn


Ten thousand men forgetting life and tragedy

God sons ask for thyself to honour Jesus majesty


We shall return proud from the sea

To see Christ's home finally free

 Led by Richard the Lionheart hero of the century

Fought his men and for Cristianity

We proudly fight with our blades


Saracen fighers die where they invade

With a great king upon our side

The Lionheart leading the charge as he rides

Richard the Lionheart took part in the third great fight


Followed by England and holy knights

Fought forces of mighty Saladin

Fought under moon and blades silver sheen

 Some were defenders of the crown

Our legions gave off the divine sound

Our forces will unite this land


As we stain it with blood spilled by our hand


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