peaceful glory dream

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Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



 I dreamed 2dreams,and woke up in the morning. The first dream was peace, the other dream was glory. 

I thought then for a moment , could either dream come true. Then I looked up to the sky, and said I haven’t heard from you

Maybe if I prayed, and talked about forgiveness, then you’d bless my ventures and benefit my business. 

And maybe fill the bellies of the hungry children starving, and divinely heal the wounds from everything that scarred me. 

But in my dream of peace, there wasn’t any preachers. And in the dream of glory, I saw not one beseecher. 

But in them both I saw all the power I possess, to change it for the better, to clean what’s such a mess. 

I used my will and heart and my yearning for a change. I did things I could do, besides hope you grant what I have prayed. 

In my life I’ve seen more pain than happy endings. All the days I’ve lived, I’ve wondered what’s the cost of spending. 

So maybe peace exist, only if we die. And glory just a hope, there is something in the sky.

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