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Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018





  It's often the case that when a loved one wishes to

have their body cremated, after their unfortunate demise,

that they neglete to tell those surviving them what they

want done with their ashes. I had an uncle who's ashes

sat upon the top of the television set for decades, because

he had not instructed my auntie on what to do with them.

Finally she succumbed to dementia, and I don't know

what happened to them after that!

  But this was not the case with my beloved wife Ann, her

instructions were quite clear. Yes, some people specify

their instructions with no ambiguity, they want their ashes

scattered on the ocean, or thrown onto the river Ganges,

or buried beneath a rose bush, and likewise when Ann's 

will was read at the solicitor's office, their was no ambiguity

about what she wanted me to do do with them. She wanted

me to eat them!

  This came as no real surprise, I mean throughout our

married life she was always at me to do her this favour,

and like a true gentleman I obliged, and I have to admit 

she was quite tasty.

  I have one of her recipe books here with me now,

and I have found a splendid recipe for banana muffins,

which with my rather limited cooking skills I will try to 

cook, using her ashes as an extra ingrediant to enhance 

their flavour, when they arrive  from the funeral director's

this morning.

  The muffins should be ready by the time my grandkids

arrive for some morning tea, and I'm sure they will

be only to pleased to help me consume their dear old

grandma! I'll need their help I suppose, because the doctor

has told me to watch my waistline...Oh here they are 


- Bon Appetite kids!

- Bon Appetite grandpa!



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