revelations to a war fighter

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A coalition war pilot is caught and saved from the mob and is more presented the truth of Iraq than interrogated. An anti war piece, the powerful think you'll never catch on.

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



A strong cacophony is piercing the air of the most guttural kind. A few dozen men were celebrating a prize in their midst. Fedayeen Saddam was their outfit, while the regular military may crumble they stand loyal and reliable for the government. Kids and adult civilians crowd further back.

In the village their chants of hate and victory were directed at one point. Dressed in a grey flight suit, a figure seems to have but one escape. An early grave.

One Saddam, his arm pulled back ready to throw a punch has a sudden hand on his shoulder startling him. In contrast to the civilian dressed Saddam, he wore uniform. He had emerged through the baleful crowd.

‘Leave us be.’ Demands the militiaman.

‘That would complicate matters,’ says the moustached man.

‘Teaching him to never be an infidel is all we would do today.’

‘In this life tact sets you apart from the crowd.’

Conversation over he approaches the man in the flight suit.

Later both are inside a room. ‘Are you in good health?’ asks the moustached man.

‘For better or worse,’ answers the other. Dividing each man’s chair was a table. This room in contrast might as well be sanitized as far from the maddening crowd, was a completely opposed atmosphere, even safely said to permit an intimacy. 

‘Word is your aircraft was downed by our forces.’

‘My sole obligation is my name and service number, pursuant to human rights conventions and from those 1991 videos of our downed pilots you people don’t respect.’ And like that began the number only to be broken off.

‘I go by the name Ibrahim. May I have yours?’

Ibrahim a cut above the victorious mob, he shows a certain humanity and sophistication. Gives truth to the lie Arabs are dumb and suicide themselves.

‘My interrogator?’

‘Mukhabarat. Iraqi Intelligence for simplicity.’


‘Your government surely made a foe of mine and its people, but doesn’t forbid civil conversations. Call me interrogator if it appeals. I am here to open eyes.’ He offers a smoke which is declined. Ibrahim says he is not probing what target he came to bomb for now.

‘You were downed by us?’

‘Punched out, might as well have surrendered hitting the ground. Your pals caught me soon enough.’

‘Rough they may be but those men have an iron loyalty to our state.’

On the table is an activated laptop. ‘Mr Mumford, I present a case your president’s aggression brought you to near death based on lies.’

‘When your country calls you go. Democracy has no place in a military…and nor in your own government.’

‘Travel a thousand miles to slay innocents?’ He went on, ‘Were anyone not in a western media cocoon they’ll know many non Americans doubt the 9/11 narrative: Canadians, Germans believe forces within the U.S. government knew and failed to prevent the Towers.’

‘Hard sale telling me it was a set up. I take orders, I don’t form policy.’

‘Have you seen our women scream from your bombs? Nothing new. Old tears from way back in 1991. Tower seven was spared a crash but still fell.’

Shrugged his shoulders, ‘Word is you guys pulled the Towers.’

‘Spread a suggestion over and over and it became true.’ The other man looks unconvinced. ‘Let’s try your master Cheney. A video exists of him absolutely troubled by invading here.’

The man presses a button on the computer and swivels it to face his guest – a video of Cheney speaking against invasion. At its conclusion Ibrahim relates Cheney ran oil company Halliburton prior to the invasion and received tens of millions as compensation, which changed his mind.

Mumford tried countering when you get into power the information you thought you knew can change. Ibrahim observes government underlings like Powell early on understood existed no threat.

Ibrahim resorted to the computer again with a short clip of Rumsfeld decades back shaking the dictator’s hand. ‘At the time everyone knew we had gas and willing to use it…supplied by you. Iran was a shared foe.’

‘No way,’ says the astonished man. ‘Not bold enough to say your pot is not warm and getting hot. Straight with you your president brought in on himself. Stop being a world threat.’

Ibrahim regards him through his brown eyes more than before, for a few moments. If he thought the outsider dubious, he kept close to the vest. Matter of factly, ‘Our ties so good the keys to the city of Detroit awarded to Hussein in 1980 is for another story.’

‘Doing your best making it sound the fight for freedom is for saps to hang on to.’

‘Take this revelation with doubt. Survive this pilot and your world perception might change if you dig yourself.’ He tilts his head as though hinting an emotional anguish, ‘This land, my home will fall apart without our leaders, for something they had no part in, no matter the ordeal we will raise our fists.’  

Author’s note –

Began on August second was to take a day at most, ended up four.

Had this stewing in my head long before, till I said just write. Motivated after watching how the world thrives on rot, what was fed me anything but truth, invasions destroying countries all because somebody wants money they can’t possibly spend. 2003 was a turning point, encouraged I hope the few days of my life creating this anti-war piece will encourage readers to be just that.

6 August 2018.


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