Tears On Empty Lakes

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Not sure, been so long since I wrote it..

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



You watched me cry, and you wiped away my tears and told me I'd be okay.
You were there when no one else was, and for that I will always love you till the end.
You can hurt me and we may fight, but you were the one that saved me and you will always be my friend.
I don't think I'll ever meet someone that I'll ever fall for so hard again.

I wake up these days without you by my side, and it stings every second I see a picture of what used to be.
Watching romance flicks and seeing those cute old couples, they remind us that we said that'd be us.
Looking at the bracelet you gave me, I play with it and think about how much I broke your trust.
How much I ruined our love that one night when I was drunk, and I let my heart give into the lust.

I don't want to live in that pain no more, cause I can't take back what I have done but I know the pain it has done.
I see what these actions can do, and how our words can be so little.
I played you and now here I am, the one being played cause I just couldn't keep my handles off that fiddle.
Thinking I'm so clever, but here I am sitting depressed coming up with my own fucked up riddle.


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